NCSBN - Official Site Participant

Metropolitan Community College - Penn Valley is a participating site in The National Simulation Study. This landmark, national study is evaluating the use of simulation in nursing education.

For questions about these healthcare training and consulting services, please contact the MCC Institute for Workforce Innovation to get in touch with a healthcare performance consultant.

Telephone: 816.604.1000

SSH: Society for Simulation in Healthcare - Accredited Program (Teaching/Education)

Health and Safety

Your employees spend their days caring for the health and well-being of patients, and studies show this is sometimes at the expense of their own safety. Those who interact with patients are at higher risk for occupational injuries and illnesses because they are not aware of the potential hazards in their daily routines.

We can help reduce that risk with health & safety training and consulting services.

As the only OSHA Training Institute Education Center in the region, we are equipped to keep your staff current on industry standards and procedures. We'll make sure everyone understands their role making your organization a safe and healthy place to work.

Our customized training and expert safety consulting services will help you...

  • avoid OSHA citations.
  • reduce the incidence of costly worker's compensation claims.
  • improve employee productivity.
  • attract a talented clinical workforce.
  • boost employee morale.
Last Modified: 12/21/11