NCSBN - Official Site Participant

Metropolitan Community College - Penn Valley is a participating site in The National Simulation Study. This landmark, national study is evaluating the use of simulation in nursing education.

For questions about these healthcare training and consulting services, please contact the MCC Institute for Workforce Innovation to get in touch with a healthcare performance consultant.

Telephone: 816.604.1000

SSH: Society for Simulation in Healthcare - Accredited Program (Teaching/Education)

Lean Enterprise

The best healthcare organizations are both efficient and effective. But, achieving true efficiency and effectiveness at the same time can be challenging.

By using proven Lean techniques, our performance consultants will evaluate your organization's processes and implement controls that help maximize value.

We will...

  • identify sources of wasted energy, resources and time,
  • help you eliminate waste without disruption,
  • train your team to analyze the flow of information and develop process improvements,
  • reduce patient waiting time at every stage of delivery,
  • create a better patient experience with improvements to quality of care,
  • improve employee morale,
  • reduce costs to positively impact your bottom line.

After we help you implement a Lean Enterprise program, you will see positive systemic changes that lead to decreased medical errors and enhanced customer service.

Last Modified: 12/21/11