NCSBN - Official Site Participant

Metropolitan Community College - Penn Valley is a participating site in The National Simulation Study. This landmark, national study is evaluating the use of simulation in nursing education.

For questions about these healthcare training and consulting services, please contact the MCC Institute for Workforce Innovation to get in touch with a healthcare performance consultant.

Telephone: 816.604.1000

SSH: Society for Simulation in Healthcare - Accredited Program (Teaching/Education)


For more than 95 years, healthcare organizations have depended on Metropolitan Community College to train and educate the area's workforce.

With the launch of our state-of-the-art Health Science Institute, we are even better equipped to provide your healthcare organization with training and tools necessary to maintain a safe and efficient workplace.

Our comprehensive training and consulting services will help you manage change, reduce medical errors and improve your operations.

Find out how our integrated consulting and training solutions will take your organization to the next level in healthcare administration and delivery.

Let us improve the health of your organization.

For more information about MCCs Institute for Workforce Innovation, go to the IWI website.

Last Modified: 12/21/11