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The mission of the Campus Life and Leadership Office is to complement the academic program and enhance the sense of community on campus.  This goal is accomplished by providing opportunities for students to develop, implement and participate in social, intellectual, global, ethical, physical, emotional, economic, leadership and personal development programs and events.  These co-curricular experiences provide students with opportunities to develop skills that can be utilized in future educational, community and professional work environments.

Campus Life and Leadership offices work directly with recognized student organizations providing guidance, resources, and leadership programs. Each campus plans multiple student events the appeal to a wide range of student interests. To find out about the events on your campus visit your Campus Life and Leadership Office, watch the web calendar of events, or check out campus postings in the restrooms and on campus bulletin boards."

Campus Life and Leadership offices:

MCC-Blue River - Amy Slater

Arts and Sciences, room 113: 816.604.6635
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MCC-Business & Technology - Kristen Brumley

Campus Center, room 132: 816.604.5263

MCC-Longview - Kat DeWald

Campus Center, room 253: 816.604.2130
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MCC-Maple Woods - Emily Fairchild

Student Center, room 130: 816.604.3013
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MCC-Penn Valley - Shelby Coxon

Campus Center, room 200: 816.604.4255
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Last Modified: 8/21/14