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CEADD classes will be starting soon. For more information call 816.604.3043.

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What is CEADD?

Recent high school graduates aren't the only people who aspire to attend college – persons with developmental disabilities are just as excited about living and working independently in the community. In 1991, a College Experience for Adults with Developmental Disabilities (CEADD) was created to provide educational experiences beyond the traditional schooling – giving these students a fun but challenging learning environment where they can grow academically and socially.

The Clay County Developmental Disabilities Resource Board, Platte County Board of Services for the Developmentally Disabled, and the ARC of Clay and Platte Counties fund and promote CEADD to engage Northland community students.

What CEADD offers

CEADD offers courses designed to educate and entertain, as well as build self-esteem and practical skills. Students can get creative with art, music and theater, enjoy outdoor activities and learn important life skills like reading, basic computers and survival. All the courses are aimed at promoting independent living and positive interactions for students who live, work, and play in the community.

The program runs for six consecutive Saturdays in the spring and fall and a summer session of several one day field trips is also offered.

Educational Focus

CEADD courses are non-credit and designed for persons with developmental disabilities. The classroom is set up to accommodate almost any student, with wheelchair access, adaptive educational materials, interpreters and qualified instructors.

Students are involved with CEADD from the beginning, choosing their own courses each semester from a variety of offerings based on needs and interests. Social skills are emphasized both in and out of the classroom, and students have the opportunity to create new friendships with others.

How to Register

New students who wish to participate in the CEADD program will need to complete a short interview with the program coordinator, Betsy Keleher. To schedule an interview, call 816.604.3043.

Returning students may print off and complete the class registration form and return it with payment.

Fall 2014 - Classes

The following classes will be held on Saturday mornings at MCC-Maple Woods, Math Science building.

Registration Deadline - September 19

Classes begin - Saturday, October 4

Classes end - Saturday, November 8

Download registration form and additional info (pdf)

Class Descriptions

Cultural Arts & Sciences

Experiments in a Bag

A neat way to experience the excitement without all of the mess - each week a new one!


Create your own puppets & use them to interact with your classmates each week.

Moovin' and Groovin'

You will experience a variety of musical styles to sing, dance & play instruments in - jazz, oldies, hip hop and rock.

Bring your own CDs or mp3 players!

Pioneer Days

The very ground on which you stand was once home to pioneers. Join us as we churn butter, write with feathers and create rag dolls as the pioneers did.

Hands on Fun

Once again, we have a power house of activities planned for you. Some of the projects will include wreaths, snowflake door hangers, ornaments, stained glass, bead pins, cards, puzzles and nature crafts.

Life Enrichment

Creatures Large & Small

Some familiar visitors will return and some strange new creatures will appear. Come and meet a rat, a cat, a bird, dogs & fish.

Around the World

Visit Germany, Scotland, China, Mexico and Tahiti to see how culture influences how people live. Each week, learn their history and sample their food. It's a trip around the world in six weeks!

Vocational Training

People to People

Students will identify patters of healthy relationships. You will learn how to make choices for your own behavior when dealing with friends, roommates, co-workers and yourself.

Practical Living Skills

Come on Down

This fast paced class will feature your favorite game shows. Want to be a host to Jeopardy or Family Feud? Will you be a winner? Is there a red convertible in your future?

Basic Skills

Calm before the Storm

Do you know what to do before, during and after a storm? Through role playing and hands on activities, become better prepared to face disasters. We will discuss frostbite, hypothermia, wind chill and first aid.

Sounds of Silence

You will learn to "read" signs and talk without using words. International signs & sign language will be explored.

Brain Games

Basic reading skills required.
Work at your own pace and levels to fire up your brain cells on our Kindle Fire tablets. Headphones are included.

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