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The Truck Driving CDL-A program prepares students for entry-level driving positions within the trucking industry. The five-week course goes beyond preparing students for the State of Missouri or Kansas Commercial Driver’s License Class-A performance exam.  This training prepares graduates for a challenging and rewarding career in the trucking industry. The outcomes of the program are directly linked to the federal guidelines established for entry-level drivers which can be found in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation (FMCSR) and the state guidelines for earning the Class-A Commercial Driver’s License.

In addition to classroom training, 60 hours of one-on-one (one truck to one student) hands-on training is provided to each student to ensure comprehension and skill development of the various CMV operating procedures required by the State.

Truck Driving

Prerequisites: Admission to the Truck Driving Program.

Hours: 160

Prerequisite: Admission to the program. For a career that takes you out on the open road and across the country, earn a certificate in Commercial Drivers License - Class A Operations (CDL-A). The truck transportation and warehousing industry is the largest sector within U.S. transportation, and is projected to need large numbers of new employees over the next ten years. Median salary is more than $16 per hour. Our CDL-A certificate meets all state and federal requirements for truck driver training. Our course prepares you to sit for the Missouri or Kansas CDL-A exam and become an entry-level truck driver in the trucking industry.

Fee: $4,100

Professional Truck Driving CDL-B

Prerequisites: Admission to the Truck Driving Program.

Hours: 40

Prerequisite: Admission to the program. This course introduces student to the basic elements of the trucking industry; regulations governing trucking, qualifications of the driver and inspection standards for safe vehicle operations. Students will learn the various parts of the [FMCSR] Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation that pertain to the vehicle on the roads and highways.

Fee: $1,700

Last Modified: 7/11/12