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BIOL 100 Introduction to Cell Biology3 Cr.
BIOL 101 General Biology5 Cr.
BIOL 102 Environmental Science5 Cr.
BIOL 104 General Botany5 Cr.
BIOL 106 General Zoology5 Cr.
BIOL 109 Anatomy and Physiology6 Cr.
BIOL 110 Human Anatomy5 Cr.
BIOL 125 Biology of Human Sexuality3 Cr.
BIOL 132 Human Nutrition3 Cr.
BIOL 137 Introduction to Pathophysiology4 Cr.
BIOL 150 Medical Terminology2 Cr.
BIOL 202 Ecology5 Cr.
BIOL 208 Microbiology5 Cr.
BIOL 210 Human Physiology5 Cr.
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