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Precision Machining Consortium Program

Consortium industry partners have identified the skills needed for entry-level machinists at their companies. The combination of hands-on learning, quality instruction, and practical experience prepares students for area in-demand careers.

This 16-week program REQUIRES attendance Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Students spend the first ten weeks in the lab and classroom mastering basic machining skills. During the last six weeks of the program, students work four days a week as paid interns and spend one day of the week on campus for additional instruction in the classroom and lab.

CIMM 100 Introduction to Machining and Manufacturing 3 cr.
CIMM 105 Introduction to Blueprint Reading 1 cr.
CIMM 110/115 Manual Lathe or Manual Mill 3 cr.
CIMM 121/122 CNC Lathe or Mill Operation Fundamentals 4 cr.
CIMM 150/151 Lathe or Mill Co-Op/Internship 3 cr.
COLL 100 First Year Seminar 1 cr.
CSIS 100 Digital Literacy 2 cr.*
INTE 124 Employment Strategies for Technical Careers 2 cr.

Some of these classes are grant funded and are offered with no tuition charge to the student. Book costs, program fees, and lab fees are applicable. Students must attend a MoManufacturingWINs information session to enroll; contact Michael Tyler at 604-5623 to sign up for one of the information sessions.

*Students can test out of CSIS 100.

Last Modified: 11/7/12