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Comp Science Info Sys

CSIS 100 Digital Literacy2 Cr.
CSIS 103 Document Processing I3 Cr.
CSIS 104 Document Processing II3 Cr.
CSIS 110 Technology and Information Management3 Cr.
CSIS 111 Microcomputer Hardware Concepts3 Cr.
CSIS 112 Introduction to Networks CCNA 14 Cr.
CSIS 113 Routing and Switching Essentials CCNA 24 Cr.
CSIS 115 Computer Concepts and Applications3 Cr.
CSIS 123 Programming Fundamentals3 Cr.
CSIS 128 Web Development3 Cr.
CSIS 129 Introduction to E-Commerce3 Cr.
CSIS 143 Database Design and Management3 Cr.
CSIS 152 Linux Operating System3 Cr.
CSIS 161 Networking Fundamentals3 Cr.
CSIS 170 Principles of Information Assurance3 Cr.
CSIS 172 LAN Windows Server3 Cr.
CSIS 174 Technologies Used on Local Area Networks3 Cr.
CSIS 175 Service and Support of Local Area Networks3 Cr.
CSIS 178 Internetworking with TCP/IP3 Cr.
CSIS 182 Enterprise Security Management3 Cr.
CSIS 212 Scaling Networks CCNA 34 Cr.
CSIS 213 Connecting Networks CCNA 44 Cr.
CSIS 215 Advanced Microcomputer Applications3 Cr.
CSIS 216 Implementing Cisco IP Routing: CCNP 14 Cr.
CSIS 221 Introduction to Computer Architecture3 Cr.
CSIS 223 Object-Oriented Programming3 Cr.
CSIS 228 Advanced Web Development3 Cr.
CSIS 233 Web-Centric Programming3 Cr.
CSIS 272 Network Security4 Cr.
CSIS 279 Web Database Programming3 Cr.
CSIS 290 Field Competencies and Employment Strategies3 Cr.
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