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ENGL 28 Basic Writing Skills I3 Cr.
ENGL 30 Basic Writing Skills II3 Cr.
ENGL 80 Foundations of College Writing I4 Cr.
ENGL 90 Foundations of College Writing II4 Cr.
ENGL 101 Composition & Reading I3 Cr.
ENGL 102 Composition & Reading II3 Cr.
ENGL 201 Creative Writing I3 Cr.
ENGL 202 Creative Writing II3 Cr.
ENGL 203 Creative Writing III3 Cr.
ENGL 204 Creative Writing IV3 Cr.
ENGL 214 Introduction to Fiction3 Cr.
ENGL 215 Technical Writing3 Cr.
ENGL 218 Introduction to Literature3 Cr.
ENGL 221 British Literature 1750-Present3 Cr.
ENGL 222 American Literature to 18603 Cr.
ENGL 223 American Literature 1860-Present3 Cr.
ENGL 234 Film as Literature3 Cr.
ENGL 242 The Bible as Literature3 Cr.
ENGL 260 African-American Literature3 Cr.
ENGL 268 Women's Literature3 Cr.
ENGL 270A Special Topics1 Cr.
ENGL 270C Special Topics3 Cr.
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