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Learning Enhancements

Learning Enhancement courses give you great ways to learn and also satisfy your Gen Ed requirements. For the Associate of Arts degree you must successfully complete a Writing Intensive course and either a Learning Community or a designated Human Diversity course. To learn more, talk with your counselor or advisor.

Human Diversity Courses

A Human Diversity course gives you a window on a diverse world. You'll learn about ideals, values and beliefs of diverse groups. You'll develop a deeper awareness and a greater understanding of issues related to race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and political ideology within your own or other societies.

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Human Diversity Courses


Writing Intensive Courses

The ability to write is not just for English majors. In today's job market, you need to be able to communicate effectively in every career field. And if you are looking to transfer, writing skills are essential.

Writing Intensive courses give you an advantage in the real world where thinking critically and expressing ideas clearly are vital. These courses help you succeed by offering smaller class sizes and plenty of instructor feedback. NOTE: Writing Intensive courses have a prerequisite of ENGL 101 with a minimum grade of C in addition to any other prerequisites the courses may have.

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Writing Intensive Courses


Learning Communities Courses

Learning Communities link courses - often courses quite different from each other - together to add meaning to your college experience. They are taught by a team of faculty members. They help focus your education and build motivation. You'll be able to study and interact with a small group of fellow students. Your Community will include lecture, small group work and integrated reading and writing assignments.

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