Welcome to the MCC-Longview BLUEprint

Kirk Nooks, MCC-Longview President

Dear Colleagues: 

For the past three months, our college community—faculty, staff, administrators, students and community partners—has been participating in a series of listening sessions. The dialogues were revealing, daunting, refreshing and, at times, sobering. Yet, there was a clear and steady pattern of passion to move beyond our individual circumstances to collaborate on a roadmap for our collective future. We consider this to be the Longview BLUEprint. 

This document is designed to operationalize the mission of “Preparing Students, Serving Communities, Creating Opportunities” at MCC-Longview. Given the unique set of financial/human resources, student populations, surrounding communities, and local partnerships, it is imperative for us to understand how to meet these diverse needs while defining our college’s strengths. 

I would like to thank the members of the Strategic Visioning Team who willingly gave of their time and talent to buttress this plan with our legacy while embracing the potential in our future. On behalf of the Strategic Visioning Team, we would like to thank the more than 300 people who took the time to share - in-person and online – their observations, aspirations and passions for the future. 

This BLUEprint is a working document and will require modifications and updates as new information becomes available. We are honored by our legacy and excited about our future. Let’s get started. 

Laker BLUE – Through and Through! 

Kirk A. Nooks, Ed.D.
President, MCC-Longview

Preamble LV BLUEPrintPreamble

We, the faculty, staff, administrators and students of MCC-Longview, believe in the mission of the community college where our focus is based on teaching and learning throughout the institution, promoting inclusion, being informed by data, progressing toward student success, with the goals of effectiveness and excellence always at the heart of what we do. 

To this end, we seek to create a learning-centered culture of:

Appreciation – by encouraging and recognizing the people within our college community with a sense of gratitude for their contribution. 

Inclusiveness – by intentionally acting to provide access, accommodations and education with a global approach to culture, thought, expression and being. 

Excellence – by valuing the freedom to innovate and develop opportunities that foster purposeful and relevant change with a sense of Laker pride. 

Engagement – by using deliberate and collaborative processes to create meaningful learning experiences and relationships among our students and the campus community that contribute to the civic good. 

Integrity – by ensuring our places are harbors for civility, ethical behavior, and respect for one another which are paramount in all interactions. Our people demonstrate a professional responsibility to be honest with words and intentions in order to maintain trust. 

Sustainability – by developing practices that have a positive functionality and structure of support in the present and future. 

LV BLUEPrintPeople

At the nexus of every successful organization is a group of highly competent individuals. Our personnel – faculty, staff, and administrators – together with our students will reflect our values in thought and action. 

Objective 1

Retain, attract and develop a diverse cadre of personnel who strive to advance the concept of a learning-centered institution.

• Strategy 1.1 Seek to retain and attract a culturally diverse personnel group who are reflective of our student population 

Strategy 1.2 Develop campus-based orientation and mentoring opportunities to assist new personnel with their transition 

Strategy 1.3 Recognize and celebrate personal and professional milestones 

Strategy 1.4 Create an annual plan, between supervisors and personnel, to enhance performance and professional development for each individual 

Strategy 1.5 Nominate and promote the recognition of personnel in the wider community 

Strategy 1.6 Identify and secure critically required positions needed to advance the work of the Longview BLUEprint 

Strategy 1.7 Review and update personnel positions and descriptions to address gaps in service and coverage

Objective 2

Retain, attract and attain a diverse student body who will understand, embrace and demonstrate mastery of AAC&U’s Essential Learning Outcomes.

Strategy 2.1 Develop a comprehensive Enrollment Management plan for the Longview Campus 

Strategy 2.2 Develop and implement an instructional component to highlight and use 21st century skills in each course 

Strategy 2.3 Educate students using specific milestone checkpoints on their progress and steps needed to meet completion goals 

Strategy 2.4 Prepare the environment to serve the needs of an increasingly diverse mix of students with the goal of reflecting the growing populations in higher education 


LV Blue PrintPlaces

Physical space plays an integral role in helping or hindering the learning occurring around us. These spaces are not confined by geographic boundaries and should evolve to meet our mission at all times.

Objective 1

Strengthen our existing physical environment to support functionality, flexibility and access.

Strategy 1.1 Conduct a bi-annual space audit to identify over/underutilized areas 

Strategy 1.2 Create a schedule to redesign instructional classrooms/labs to enhance the learning experience 

Strategy 1.3 Create a schedule to redesign office locations to increase traffic flow and reduce the number of “student footsteps” 

Strategy 1.4 Create a schedule to address the needed enhancements for office use and flow 

Strategy 1.5 Create venues for students organizations to interact, be innovative, and increase their overall engagement 

Strategy 1.6 Develop a schedule for campus operating hours to provide the broadest availability possible 

Strategy 1.7 Implement standards that support decreasing negative impacts on the environment 

Objective 2

Enhance and maintain the aesthetics of the campus.

Strategy 2.1 Create more opportunities for student and faculty artwork to be prominently displayed on campus 

Strategy 2.2 Attain and maintain a facility standard equivalent to APPA Level 2 

Strategy 2.3 Identify featured areas on the campus to serve as “signature areas” during tours and campus visits 

Strategy 2.4 Create attractive student-friendly spaces to allow for small group interactions and studying 

Objective 3

Extend the boundaries of our campus to increase learning.

Strategy 3.1 Participate in community sponsored programs with the goal of increasing service opportunities 

Strategy 3.2 Increase social media presence and maintain a website that offers relevant and timely information on our academic programs, campus events and community services 

Strategy 3.3 Create a virtual presence to serve and inform our students on all aspects of their learning journey 

Strategy 3.4 Develop off-campus relationships/areas that acknowledge and support the college and our mission

Objective 4

Foster a campus environment that welcomes all members of the greater college community.

Strategy 4.1 Increase visibility and access to critical campus areas while reflecting a consistent MCC brand 

Strategy 4.2 Create and maintain locations on campus that provide information on our history and give honor to those who contributed to the Longview legacy 


We will need clear and consistent guidelines to provide a cohesive and systematic way of “doing things.”

Objective 1

Clarify and communicate common misinterpretations on existing policies.

Strategy 1.1 Identify and resolve concerns related to academic matters 

Strategy 1.2 Identify and resolve concerns related to business/fiscal matters 

Strategy 1.3 Identify and resolve concerns related to student services/development matters

Objective 2

Develop campus-based policies for departments to achieve clarity of roles and efficiency of resources.

Strategy 2.1 Identify and resolve concerns related to space utilization 

Strategy 2.2 Identify and resolve concerns related to budget management/review 

Strategy 2.3 Identify and resolve concerns related to academic matters 



LV BluePrintProcesses

In addition to knowing the “what” we will do, it is just as important for us to understand the “how” we will do it. 

Objective 1

Increase the institutional knowledge at various levels at the campus.

Strategy 1.1 Re-evaluate and strengthen lines/methods of communication throughout the campus and college 

Strategy 1.2 Identify “signature” search committee components to create a consistent experience with candidates 

Strategy 1.3 Review the various types of emergency responses and designate required participants 

Objective 2

Redesign processes that could hinder student success and/or limit future growth.

Strategy 2.1 Develop and implement a funding process for student organizations 

Strategy 2.2 Develop communication plan for Enrollment Review decisions 

Strategy 2.3 Delineate roles and interventions to promote proactive student responses 



LV BluePRintPrograms

In the learning environment, the curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular are intentionally linked to respond to the “whole” student. The integrated result increases the likelihood of success and acknowledges that students learn at different times and in various ways.

Objective 1

Create opportunities for our students to raise their awareness about themselves, each other, their community and the globe.

Strategy 1.1 Design and integrate a portfolio of high-impact programs focused on increasing engagement between students 

Strategy 1.2 Create new academic student groups which are linked to national/international organizations 

Strategy 1.3 Increase the amount of “non-academic designated” student organizations 

Strategy 1.4 Increase the collaboration between student organizations/groups 

Strategy 1.5 Host a series of thematic co- and extra-curricular programs 

 Objective 2

Create lifelong opportunities and collaborations for the greater college community.

Strategy 2.1 Create a portfolio of “signature” community programs 

Strategy 2.2 Create a specific MCC-Longview experience focused on building awareness for the middle school, high school and community education populations 

Objective 3

Create opportunities for distinction at local, state and national levels.

Strategy 3.1 Identify and promote a diverse collection of comprehensive programs 

Strategy 3.2 Raise the profile of the college via strategic partnerships, annual memberships and sponsorships 

Strategy 3.3 Become and remain a participant in a national conversation linked to programs of distinction 

Strategy 3.4 Partner with others to provide co-branding opportunities to raise the profile of our programs 


LV BluePrintPractices

The legacy of the college is rooted in the stories of the past and the dreams of the future. It is imperative that the Longview BLUEprint honor the unique attributes of the collective history, while creating new opportunities and contributions.

Objective 1

To create intentional “common experiences” for faculty, staff, administrators and students.

Strategy 1.1 Identify the events that bring the campus together to learn, celebrate and reflect 

Strategy 1.2 Create an annual spring-time “Homecoming Week” for current and past students to engage about the Longview Legacy 

Strategy 1.3 Create on- and off-campus service events to foster increased levels of civic duty 

Strategy 1.4 Foster an inclusive learning environment and increase the awareness of intercultural competencies 

Objective 2

To weave together academic elements to support a learning framework.

Strategy 2.1 Create a culture of “From Day 1” throughout the campus in all course sections 

Strategy 2.2 Integrate all aspects of the learning experience in each class 

Strategy 2.3 Scale up the use of our learning management system and its essential components to provide timely feedback and consistent engagement levels across on-ground courses 

Strategy 2.4 The Center for Teaching and Learning will create opportunities for professional development to support teaching and the utilization of best practices 


LV BluePrintProgress

Embracing the ambitious agenda of the Longview BLUEprint, it is imperative that the use of data be pervasive throughout each aforementioned category to answer the question – Have we arrived at our destination?

Objective 1

To make significant and measurable gains toward our 2020 goal of 5,949 completers.

Strategy 1.1 Increase our student population from 5,412 to 7,000 on-ground students by the end of this plan 

Strategy 1.2 Using the results from national engagement surveys as a baseline, we will increase our outcomes by each administration 

Strategy 1.3 Increase our completion rates for each consecutive year

Objective 2

To regain national prominence for the quality of our programs and organizational culture.

Strategy 2.1 Using the Chronicle of Higher Education’s Great Colleges rubric, become a recognized college in two of the twelve areas 

Strategy 2.2 Develop a distinctive edge in five programs 

Strategy 2.3 Apply for and become engaged in two national initiatives focused on student completion/success by the conclusion of this plan 

Objective 3

To understand our populations and the actions that aid in their learning.

Strategy 3.1 Obtain and analyze the institutional data available for our campus to identify achievement gaps and recommend interventions 


The Strategic Visioning Team

Angela D.Bahner 

Anne E.Nienhueser 

Anne Dvorak 

Bridget Gold 

Burke Maxted 

Casey C.Reid 

Christine Atkinson 

Demetria Wallace 

Dianna M.Carpenter 

Jan Rog 

Jennifer D.Argo 

Jill K.Schmitt 

Jim K.Smith 

Joan E.Bergstrom 

Karen Goos 

Keet Kopecky 

Kim Poindexter 

Linda Nelson 

Lisa Fannan 

Matthew S.Heck 

Michele Bilton 

Mindy McCallum 

Rory Perrodin 

Sandee Woods 

Tami L.Jones 

Tammie May 

Zoe L.Albright 

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