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If you’re interested in applying your A+ benefits in St. Joseph, please contact Jessica Claar


St. Joseph

Beginning Fall 2015, A+ eligible students will be able to take Metropolitan Community College classes in St. Joseph. Classes will be held at the Northwest Missouri State University building in the Green Acres Shopping Center.

If you want to get the best value from your education, MCC might be your best option. You can save money by taking advantage of your A+ benefits, but you can also save gas money (classes are nearby), rent (you can live at home) and education (A+ covers tuition, so you only have to buy books and pay small student fees).

MCC is currently offering the Associate of Arts degree from our St. Joseph location. Earning an associate degree gives you options because it’s offers you the greatest ease of transfer to a four-year institution. Going down this path will not only allow you to transfer, but can work well with dual-admissions programs.

If you’re interested in applying your A+ benefits in St. Joseph, please contact Jessica Claar at


MCC will host enrollment sessions at the NWMSU location. Using your A+ benefits is easy. Simply follow the steps below. If you have any questions, click the links or call 816.604.1000.

Application Process
  • Apply for admission
  • Ask your high school to send your official A+ transcript to MCC 
  • If you’ve taken any dual-credit classes, be sure to ask those colleges to send your transcripts to MCC.
  • After you’ve applied, you will receive an acceptance letter along with your student ID number in your email inbox.
  • You will also receive an acceptance letter into the St. Joseph Center A+ Student Program
Financial Aid Process

You must apply for financial aid in order to use your A+ benefits. Any available grant and scholarship money will be applied to your tuition and fees first. Your A+ benefits will cover the remaining tuition. Follow the steps below to ensure your financial aid and A+ will be available to you when school starts.

  • Visit and complete the Federal Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • Be sure you use MCC’s school code, which is 002484.
  • You and your parents must each request a PIN from
  • If you’re taking summer classes, you will need to complete a FAFSA for the summer and another FAFSA for the fall.
  • You need to review the student aid report you receive. It will either come in the U.S. Mail or via email.
  • Look to see if your application has been selected for verification
  • Check for any other unresolved issues that will prevent you from receiving aid.
  • You must contact the financial aid office and declare that you are an A+ eligible student. They will let you know what other documentation you may need to complete the verification process.

All students need to submit their ACT scores or take the COMPASS test to determine class placement. MCC will let you know if you need to take the COMPASS or if your ACT scores will suffice.


MCC will host mobile enrollment sessions at St. Joseph high schools to enroll full-time students. A full-time student is one who takes at least 12 credit hours (usually at least four classes) in the fall or six credit hours (usually at least two classes) in the summer.


Make arrangements to pay for books, supplies, fees and other things A+ does not cover.

A+ Benefits

The A+ Schools Program was established in 1993 and provides tuition assistance to qualified graduates of an A+ high school. Financial need is not a factor in determining eligibility. However, all A+ students are required to apply for federal financial aid each year they plan to use their benefits. Students are under no obligation to use their benefits and private scholarships will not affect A+ eligibility.

Basic Requirements

There are several basic requirements one must fulfill in order to be eligible to receive A+ benefits. You must first attend an A+ high school for three consecutive years before you graduate. You must enter into a written A+ agreement with your high school before you graduate. While in high school, you need to have a minimum 95% attendance record and perform at least 50 hours of volunteer, pre-approved tutoring or mentoring. Finally, you must maintain a record of good citizenship, avoid drugs and alcohol and graduate with an overall 2.5 G.P.A.

A+ Benefits Explained

If you’re eligible, A+ will pay $158 per credit hour for the 2013-2014 academic year. This means St. Joseph students only have to pay $17 per credit hour in addition to general student fees.

You’re A+ benefits expire when any one of the following events occur:

  • Forty-eight months have passed since you graduated high school
  • You’ve graduated with an associate degree
  • You’ve completed 105% of the hours required for the program in which you’re currently enrolled. 

Remember, federal Pell Grant funds will always be applied to your tuition first. Any remaining eligible costs will be covered by your A+ benefits. If you have any questions, please see an advisor.

Dual Admission

Dual admission is a great benefit of attending MCC.  After you’ve completed 24 hours, you can become dually admitted with several universities including: Missouri Western State University, Northwest Missouri State University, Park University, University of Central Missouri and the University of Missouri-Kansas City. The benefits are plenty for you if you choose to dual admit.

  • You’ll receive a degree audit every semester from the university.
  • You’ll have access to periodic advising from your future college.
  • You’ll also have a university student ID card and receive access to university events.
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