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For information on the Brooks Institute, contact
Karen Curls at 816.604.4284.

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Brooks Institute

Named after Kansas City crime and justice advocate Alvin Brooks, the Brooks Institute/Center of Excellence is a new initiative centered on crime prevention, criminal justice and contemporary issues associated with violence. This Center of Excellence will:

  • Expand on the criminal justice curriculum at Penn Valley.
  • Create service learning and internships in collaboration of the Ad Hoc Group Against Crime.
  • Develop a lecture series inviting local and national speakers to engage the community in the development of action steps.
  • Create a Midwest think tank on crime and violence.
  • Become multifaceted to include research on various topics of crime and violence, policy development around crime for review by local leadership and the preparation of students for various positions and jobs beyond traditional criminal justice positions.
  • Actively engage students and the community in discussion on crime that can guide them in their roles and responsibilities in creating a more safe and productive community.


Last Modified: 8/15/14