Student Handbook

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Welcome to MCC, and congratulations on your commitment to further your education!  As an MCC student, you are responsible for knowing the policies and procedures that govern our institutions as well as the resources that will help you meet your goals.

This webpage is designed to be a resource for you!  Below, you will find information that will help you in your journey to goal completion.  Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have, and/or seek advice from any of the many resources available to you, i.e., advisors, counselors, financial aid advisors, student employment services coordinators, faculty, and other administrators.

Remember, you are responsible for your success, including the information on this page.  MCC has the right to update and/or amend this information at any point in time, and in no way does this page serve as a contract with any student, staff, or faculty.

Last Modified: 8/18/14