Strategic Plan

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MCC will provide all students, employees and other constituents with an environment that is inclusive for all, respectful and civil in tone, advances learning objectives and establishes a productive working environment for the community college setting.

Strategic Objectives

  • Create programs that develop employee accountability for creating a respectful and welcoming environment.
    • Action: Ongoing professional development programs are being offered. 
  • Create professional development programs for all employees that enhance interpersonal communication and cultural competency skills.
    • Action: Situational Leadership training is being conducted for all supervisors. 
  • Improve MCC's internal communication mechanisms.
    • Action: MCC news sites (MCC Newsroom and the Insider) have been created to share targeted messages with the appropriate audiences in an interactive format.
    • Action: MCC is Listening boxes have been distributed to each campus and MCC's Administrative Center to gather student and employee feedback.
    • Action: MCC created a budget website to share information regarding major college initiatives that impact the budget.
    • Action: MCC created the ITESC website to share information related to the technological strategies and investments aligned with strategic objectives and the mission of MCC.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Develop appropriate tracking mechanism to measure employee professional development.
  • Increase the percentage of supervisors completing situational leadership training.
  • Increase the modes of instruction and the number of programs offered for employee training.
  • Increase the number of hits and comments to the MCC news sites.
Last Modified: 7/24/15