Steps to Apply

Apply Now. Request Information. Visit a Campus.

Financial Aid priority dates.

We encourage you to complete your Student Center “TO DO” list by the priority dates. This is when our financial aid offices' high volume period starts.

apply online for aid.FAFSFA application form.

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Check your financial aid status.Go to myMCCKC to check your status.

Login to myMCCKC to check your financial aid status.

Apply for Scholarships.FAFSFA application form.

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Need help?

Contact the Educational Opportunity Center for help with your application or financial aid process.

Office Location

3100 Main Street, Suite 100
Kansas City, Missouri 64111
Phone - 816.604.4400
Fax - 816.759.4416

Office Hours

Monday - Friday 
8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


GENERAL Application Steps

For assistance with the application process, please call the MCC Information Center at 816.604.1000.

Start the Admission Process

Although you can apply for financial aid before you are admitted to the college, it is best to start the admission process first.

  1. Complete and submit the application for admission at  Be sure to include an email address so we can notify you quickly when your application has been processed.
  2. After receiving the email verifying that your application has been processed, follow instructions in the email to create a password and login to your myMCCKC student account. 
  3. Access your myMCCKC Student Email account that has been created for you as it will be used by the financial aid office to communicate with you.  You may find it useful to forward mail from this account to a personal email account you have; instructions for how to forward your student email can be found on our Campus Life and Leadership page.
  4. Request that official transcripts from all colleges previously attended (including any college classes you took during high school) be mailed to our student data center.  Faxed transcripts are not official.  If you are returning to MCC after attending another college you must have new transcripts mailed to us. 

    MCC-Student Data Center
    3200 Broadway
    Kansas City, MO 64111

  5. Visit a campus advising/counseling center to ensure you have declared the correct program of study for your goals.

Apply for Financial Aid

To determine general eligibility for financial aid, you must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for each year you want to receive funds.  Specific aid programs may have additional requirements in order to receive benefits. MCC's School Code is 002484.

The FAFSA for the upcoming aid year becomes available in January and it is best to get it submitted early (by April 1) to ensure you meet priority dates and can get the best financial aid package possible.  MCC's School Code is 002484.

  1. Submit the FAFSA.  It will help to have the following information/items:
    • A Personal Identification Number (PIN). You can apply for or request your PIN at
    • Your driver's license number (if you have one)
    • Your social security number (or permanent residence card if you are not a U.S. citizen)
    • Current bank statements if you have checking or savings accounts
    • MCC's School Code is 002484.
    • Income information from the previous tax year (estimated income can be used if taxes have not been filed yet).  
        • 2014 tax information for your 2015-2016 FAFSA
          (fall 2015, spring and summer 2016)
        • 2013 tax information for your 2014-2015 FAFSA
          (fall 2014, spring and summer 2015)
          • Use the IRS data retrieval tool (if it is an option with your circumstances) to automatically transfer your tax information.
          • If you have a job, your W-2 forms (these are sent to you by Jan. 31 each year)
          • If you are 24 years old or younger you will likely be considered dependent (the application will guide you based on how you answer the questions) and will need your parent(s) or legal guardian's income information. If your parent receives any child support payments for you, owns any businesses, or has stocks or bonds, a record of those items will be needed also.
  2. Review your Student Aid Report (SAR) for any additional steps you must take such as completing verification.
  3. Bring additional materials as necessary. Check your myMCCKC Student Email and Student Center To Do List for notice of required materials.  Your financial aid office will guide you concerning:

After applying you need to enroll in classes so we can calculate the amount of aid you may receive. You will not be dropped from classes while you are waiting for us to calculate your financial aid award.

Last Modified: 5/11/15