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Welcome to the Critical Thinking Web Site. Having been on the Web since 1994, we are now enjoying our sixteenth year of providing Critical Thinking resources to our fellow educators.  The resources on this site are managed and/or created by the faculty of Metropolitan Community College - Longview for use in integrating Critical Thinking into all areas of the college curriculum.

If you have linked your pages to our resources, or know someone who has please let us know! If you do link to us, please make sure you list us as:
Critical Thinking across the Curriculum Project, MCC - Longview.

If you wish to use any of these resources in your classes, you may print out the pages and reproduce them as long as you include the logo and copyright info in the footer of each page, and do not charge for the materials (except for duplication costs).

Our Purpose

The intent of this site is to provide our fellow faculty members in every discipline with the most complete resources for integrating Critical Thinking into their classes. The resources are categorized by discipline with an additional category for the core resources which are applicable to all the disciplines. We appreciate that each discipline will have a different view of what Critical Thinking is and how it applies to that discipline and we encourage debate and contributions which reflect these views. As Educators and Philosophers we also maintain that there is a core group of skills and principles which are relevant to any academic discipline. We have tried to provide resources which will allow you to teach those skills and principles without compromising your individual discipline-specific views of how they should be applied.

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The project coordinators are:

Michael Connelly, M.A., Instructor of Philosophy, Longview Community College
Douglas Washer, M.A. , Instructor of Philosophy, Longview Community College

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For more information about the Critical Thinking Site, the project coordinators or Longview Community College, follow the links on this page or contact us by phone, fax or e-mail at the United States addresses below:

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500 S.W. Longview Rd., Lee's Summit, MO 64081
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