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The Penn Valley Art Department offers a two-year A.A.S. degree in Graphic Design and a Graphic Media (Digital Prepress) Technician certification, both prepare students for career tracks or continuing their education in four-year institutions.


Download a Graphic Design program
student reference guide (PDF):


Graphic Design A.A.S. degree program
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For more information: E-mail Darlene Town or call 816-604-4757 or 816-604-4273.

What is Graphic Design: Logo design, brochure design, advertising layout, web design, web advertising design, editorial layout, publication design (for print and multimedia), package design, direct mail design, poster design, etc.


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Graphic Media (Digital Prepress) Technician Certificate program
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For more information: E-mail Vicki Raine or call 816-604-4273.

What is Graphic Media (Digital Prepress) ?
File preparation, file management, production methods, binding, finishing, color correction, printing technologies, variable data publishing


General studio art program
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For more information: E-mail Mary Beth Moley or call 816-604-4335 or 816-604-4273.

What is Studio Art: students develop a body of work that reflect their progressive skills in solving self-posed problems and are prepared for continued education in a four-year institution. Media include: drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, photography, and art history.