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Program Overview

MCC Campus:
Blue River,
Maple Woods,
Penn Valley

Blue River - Deanna Skedel, 816.604.6664
Longview - Diana Grahn, 816.604.2529
Maple Woods - Carlos Bass, 816.604.3226
Penn Valley - Vickie Raine, 816.604.4273

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Artists creatively communicate ideas, thoughts and feelings. Today's artist is no longer limited to the traditional definition of painter, sculptor or illustrator. Computer animation, jewelry design and textile creation are just a few of professions that also require an artistic background. Though formal education and certification is not required in the industry, the majority of artists develop their skills through college education.

Our program gives your talent a great place to flourish, with our small, personal classes, low cost and many opportunities to explore all kinds of artistic expression. Fashion illustration, ceramics, photography and even cartooning are elective options that help you earn an associate's degree.

For the degree:

  • 42 hours of general education courses
  • 3 credit hours of computer science
  • 17 hours of electives
  • Electives may include: computer animation, drawing, fashion illustration, jewelry making, graphic design, ceramics, computer animation, sculpture, photography, web design and digital prepress

Transfer Credits

While MCC does not offer a degree in this field, these lower division (freshman/sophomore level) courses move with you to a four year college or university and depending on your chosen major may apply toward your degree or as an elective. Check with your transfer school and your MCC academic advisor for the most accurate and timely transfer information.

Last Modified: 5/27/15