Game Development

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Game Development (Affiliated with JCCC)

Degree Awarded


The game development Associate in Applied Science degree provides you with the focused knowledge and understanding of game design and development useful in qualifying for entry level industry positions as game programmers, tool builders, collision detections developers, engine builders and interface programmers as well as video and online training developers, Q/A (Question/Answer) Testers, customer supporters and simulations developers. Completion of this degree program will greatly enhance your ability to create code for 2D/3D graphics and real time virtual environments.

Additional skills will include an understanding of game ethics, of the proper presentation of "game bibles" and of math and physics required to model a realistic game world.


Program course and credit hours are subject to change because of the requirement changes at the degree-granting institution (JCCC). It is your responsibility to check with an MCC counselor or advisor before enrollment.

Last Modified: 8/22/13