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AGBS - Agribusiness

AGBS Matrix
AGBS 100 The Green Industry-Introduction to Urban Agribusiness
AGBS 106 Landscape Design and Maintenance
AGBS 107 Deciduous Trees and Shrubs
AGBS 108 Evergreens and Herbaceous Plants
AGBS 109 Pest Management/Turf and Ornamental
AGBS 115 Soil Fertility and Fertilizers
AGBS 135 Turfgrass Management I
AGBS 140 Turfgrass Management II
AGBS 145 Irrigation and Installation
AGBS 151 Horticulture I
AGBS 152 Special Topics in Horticulture II
AGBS 153 Special Topics in Horticulture III
AGBS 200 Occupational Internship
AGBS 206 Advanced Landscape Design And Maintenance

ANHS - Animal Health Science

Introduction to Animal Health Science Careers
ANHS 130 Veterinary Technology

ANTH - Anthropology

ANTH 100 General Anthropology
ANTH 110 Cultural Anthropology - Global Diversity
ANTH 120 Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH 140 Introduction to Physical Anthropology
ANTH 290 Special Topics in Anthropology

APTX - Apparel and Textiles

Apparel and Textile Matrix
APTX 040 Fundamentals of Apparel Construction
APTX 100 Introduction to Apparel Studies
APTX 111 Aesthetics and Design for Apparel and Textiles
APTX 112 Apparel Construction
APTX 113 Advanced Clothing Construction
APTX 118 Costume History – Ancient Mesopotamia through the 19th Century
APTX 119 Visual Merchandising
APTX 130 Fashion Illustration and Technical Drawing
APTX 211 Pattern Design - Flat Pattern
APTX 212 Apparel and Textile
APTX 215 Pattern Design - Draping
APTX 216 Experimental Design
APTX 217 Twentieth Century Costume History
APTX 218 Merchandising Field Experience
APTX 220 Merchandising I
APTX 221 Merchandising II - Global Issues
APTX 225 Pattern Design - CAD
APTX 240 Special Topics in Apparel Construction
APTX 250 Computer Aided Fashion Illustration
APTX 251 Apparel Design Production
APTX 275 Design Portfolio Presentation

ARAB - Arabic

ARAB 101 Elementary Arabic I
ARAB 102 Elementary Modern Arabic II

ART - Art

Graphic Design Program Outcomes
Digital Prepress Program Outcomes
ART 100 Art Fundamentals I
ART 101 Fundamentals II
ART 103 Design Foundations
ART 104 3D Computer Animation I
ART 105 Digital Art Foundations
ART 108 Survey of Art
ART 110 Drawing I
ART 111 Drawing II
ART 112 Drawing III
ART 113 Drawing IV
ART 123 Color Theory
ART 131 Fashion Illustration II
ART 138 Digital Photography
ART 139 Film and Darkroom Photography
ART 141 Beginning Jewelry Making I
ART 142 Fiber
ART 147 Jewelry Making II
ART 150 History of Art I
ART 151 History of Art II
ART 157 History of Graphic Design
ART 158 The Art of India and China
ART 159 American Art History
ART 164 Lettering
ART 165 Cartooning
ART 170 Ceramics I
ART 171 Ceramics II
ART 172 Ceramics III
ART 173 Ceramics IV
ART 202 Computers in Design II
ART 204 3D Computer Animation II
ART 205 Pre-Hispanic Art History
ART 212 Life Drawing I
ART 213 Life Drawing II
ART 214 Life Drawing III
ART 215 Watercolor Painting
ART 216 Life Drawing and Portraiture IV
ART 220 Painting I
ART 221 Painting II
ART 222 Painting III
ART 223 Painting IV
ART 230 Sculpture I
ART 231 Sculpture II
ART 232 Sculpture III
ART 233 Sculpture IV
ART 239 Photography II
ART 242 Photography III
ART 243 Photography IV
ART 247 Digital Imaging
ART 250 Printmaking
ART 254 Screen Printing I
ART 255 Screen Printing II
ART 256 Screen Printing III
ART 263 Art Portfolio
ART 270 Illustration
ART 280 Special Studies
ART 283 Advanced Graphic Media
ART 284 Digital Prepress Internship
ART 285 Variable Data Publishing
ART 290 Digital Prepress Internship

AUTO - Automotive

Automotive Program Outcomes
AUTO 100 Introduction of Automotive Service
AUTO 101 Automotive Internship I
AUTO 102 Automotive Internship II
AUTO 103 Fundamentals of Automotive Technology
AUTO 105-108 Cooperative Work Experience I-IV
AUTO 117 Automotive Service, Maintenance, and Light Repair
AUTO 120 MIG and Structural Welding
AUTO 125 Automotive Technology
AUTO 130 Non-Structural Anaaysis and Damage Repair
AUTO 135 Plastics and Adhesives
AUTO 140 Automotive Painting
AUTO 141 Automotive Refinishing
AUTO 150 Automotive Engine Repair
AUTO 166 Automotive Electrical Systems
AUTO 171 Automotive Chassis Systems
AUTO 174 Automotive Power Trains
AUTO 201 Honda PACT Certification: Express Tech
AUTO 202 Honda Certification: Electrical Fundamentals
AUTO 203 Honda Certification: Engine Repair
AUTO 204 Honda Certification: Brake Systems
AUTO 205 Honda Certification: Suspension and Steering
AUTO 206 Honda Certification: Manual Transmission
AUTO 207 Honda Certification: Automatic Transmission
AUTO 208 Honda Certification: Air Conditioning
AUTO 209 Honda Certification: Restraints
AUTO 250 Diesel Diagnosis and Repair
AUTO 260 Advanced Diagnosis
AUTO 264 Automotive Air Conditioning
AUTO 272 Automotive Transmissions and Transaxles
AUTO 276 Automotive Engine Performance
AUTO 277 Specialized Electronics Training
AUTO 278 Electronic Engine Control
AUTO 279 Automotive Electronics Systems
AUTO 280 Diagnosis and Repair
AUTO 282 Hybrid Electric Vehicles
AUTO 288 Alternative Fuels and Vehicles

BASK - Basic Skills

BASK 13 Spelling
BASK 19 Punctuation
BASK 20 Just Grammar
BASK 21 Just Sentences
BASK 22 Just Spelling
BASK 24 College Entrance Skills
BASK 26 Solving Word Problems
BASK 30 Academic Workshop
BASK 39 Sentences to Paragraphs
BASK 40 Mathematic Skills/Special Topics

BIOL - Biology

BIOL 100 Cell Biology
BIOL 101 General Biology
BIOL 102 Environmental Science
BIOL 104 General Botany
BIOL 106 General Zoology
BIOL 109 Human Anatomy and Physiology
BIOL 110 Human Anatomy
BIOL 112 General Biology for Majors I
BIOL 114 General Biology for Majors II
BIOL 118 Introduction to Biology
BIOL 120 Bioethics
BIOL 125 Biology of Human Sexuality
BIOL 132 Human Nutrition
BIOL 137 Introduction to Pathophysiology
BIOL 150 Medical Terminology
BIOL 198 Service-learning in Biology
BIOL 202 Ecology
BIOL 204 Genetics
BIOL 208 Microbiology
BIOL 210 Human Physiology
BIOL 214 Principles of Genetics
BIOL 238 International Human Ecology - Global Diversity
BIOL 239 International Field Biology

BSAD - Business Administration

BSAD 100 Introduction to Accounting
BSAD 101 Accounting Principles I
BSAD 102 Accounting Principles II
BSAD 103 Business English
BSAD 105 Human Resource Management
BSAD 109 Principles of Supervision
BSAD 112 Retail Management
BSAD 113 Special Problems in Business
BSAD 120 Organizational Behavior
BSAD 127 Management Internship I
BSAD 128 Management Internship II
BSAD 150 Introduction to Business
BSAD 151 Personal Finance
BSAD 153 Accounting Information Systems
BSAD 154 Managerial Accounting
BSAD 155 Accounting Using Spreadsheets
BSAD 160 Principles of Selling
BSAD 190 Office Management
BSAD 198 Service-learning in Business
BSAD 202 Intermediate Accounting I
BSAD 204 Business Management
BSAD 205 Principles of Marketing
BSAD 207 Labor-Management Relations
BSAD 210 Logistics Management
BSAD 211 Operations Management
BSAD 212 Transportation Operations and Management
BSAD 213 Warehousing and Distribution Centers
BSAD 215 Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice
BSAD 219 Entrepreneurship
BSAD 221 Business Communications
BSAD 224 Entrepreneurship Experience
BSAD 228 Small Business Management
BSAD 240 Accounting Capstone Course
BSAD 252 Individual Income Tax
BSAD 254 Business Law
BSAD 255 Business Law II
BSAD 270 Legal Environment of Business
BSAD 290 Business Capstone

CDCG - Child Growth and Development

Child Growth and Development Program Outcomes
CDCG 101 Fundamentals of Early Care and Education
CDCG 110 Child Health, Safety and Nutrition
CDCG 113 Child Growth and Development I
CDCG 117 Child Growth and Development II
CDCG 121 Issues, Advocacy and Trends
CDCG 127 Fundamentals of Afterschool II
CDCG 128 Curriculum in Early Childhood Education
CDCG 132 Learning Environments I
CDCG 137 Behavior Management in Afterschool Programs
CDCG 147 Enhancing Academics through Afterschool Programs
CDCG 149 Child Development Internship I
CDCG 201 Language Development
CDCG 213 Child Growth and Development II
CDCG 217 Literature for Children
CDCG 220 Child Care Management
CDCG 236 Learning Environments II
CDCG 255 Child Development Internship II
CDCG 260 Education of the Exceptional Child
CDCG 262 Families, Early Care and Communities
CDCG 270 Portfolio Design
CDCG 271 Special Topics in Child Growth and Development

CDLA - Commercial Driver's License-A

CDLA 111 Basic Operating Procedures
CDLA 112 Safe Operating Procedures
CDLA 113 Advanced Operating Procedures
CDLA 114 Vehicle Maintenance
CDLA 115 Non-driving Procedures
CDLA 116 Behind-the-Wheel Procedures

CHEM - Chemistry

CHEM 101 Survey of Chemistry
CHEM 105 Introductory Chemistry for Health Science
CHEM 107 Preparatory General Chemistry
CHEM 111 General College Chemistry I
CHEM 112 General College Chemistry
CHEM 205 Organic Chemistry
CHEM 221 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 222 Organic Chemistry II

CHIN - Chinese

CHIN 101 Elementary Chinese I
CHIN 101 Elementary Chinese II

Computer Integrated Machining and Manufacturing - Chinese

CIMM 100 Introduction to Machining and Manufacturing
CIMM 101 Machine Shop Safety
CIMM 102 Basic Lathe Operation
CIMM 103 Basic Mill Operation
CIMM 105 Introduction to Blueprint Reading
CIMM 110 Manual Lathe Operation
CIMM 115 Manual Mill
CIMM 120 CNC Programming Fundamentals
CIMM 121 CNC Lathe Operation Fundamentals
CIMM 122 CNC Mill Operation Fundamentals
CIMM 130 Machining for Related Occupations
CIMM 150 Lathe Internship & Co-Op
CIMM 151 Mill Internship & Co-Op
CIMM 155 Grinding Operations
CIMM 160 Advanced Lathe Operations
CIMM 161 Advanced Mill Operations
CIMM 199 Special Problems and Projects
CIMM 200 Advanced Machining
CIMM 225 MasterCam I
CIMM 226 MasterCam II
CIMM 231 Job Planning, Benchwork & Layout
CIMM 232 Milling
CIMM 233 Chucking
CIMM 234 Turning
CIMM 235 Surface Grinding
CIMM 236 CNC Milling
CIMM 237 CNC Turning
CIMM 238 Drill Press

COLL - College

COLL 100 First-Year Seminar

COMM - Communication Studies

COMM 100 Fundamentals of Speech
COMM 101 Advanced Public Speaking
COMM 102 Fundamentals of Human Communication
COMM 110 Argumentation and Debate
COMM 112 Introduction to Mass Communication
COMM 118 Introduction to Public Relations
COMM 128 Introduction to Film
COMM 130 Directed Studies in Communications
COMM 131 Directed Studies in Debate
COMM 198 Service Learning in Communications
COMM 200 Media Internship I
COMM 203 Media Internship II
COMM 204 Small Group Communication
COMM 223 Interpersonal Communication
COMM 228 African Film
COMM 233 Intercultural Communication
COMM 263 Digital Video Production
COMM 264 Digital Video Editing

CRJU - Criminal Justice

CRJU 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRJU 105 American Corrections
CRJU 118 Legal Aspects of Correction
CRJU 122 Procedural Law
CRJU 126 Corrections in the Community
CRJU 132 Community Relations
CRJU 162 Correctional Psychology
CRJU 165 Criminology
CRJU 167 Special Topics in Criminal Justice
CRJU 168 Juvenile Delinquency
CRJU 169 Family Violence and Sexual Abuse
CRJU 196 Seminar in Law Enforcement Problems
CRJU 200 Internship in Criminal Justice
CRJU 203 Criminal Investigations I
CRJU 204 Criminal Investigations II
CRJU 215 Juvenile Law
CRJU 223 Criminal Law I
CRJU 224 Cirminal Evidence
CRJU 228 Fundamentals of Probation and Parole
CRJU 230 Missouri Criminal Law
CRJU 233 Principles of Management in Criminal Justice Systems
CRJU 236 Correctional Administration
CRJU 244 Group and Individual Counseling in Corrections
CRJU 255 Police Academy Lab I
CRJU 256 Police Academy Lab II
CRJU 275 Alcohol and Drug Addiction
CRJU 280 Addiction Counseling with Special Populations
CRJU 285 Addiction Client Management

CSIS - Computer Science/ Information Systems

CSIS Program Outcomes
CSIS 100 Digital Literacy
CSIS 102 Customer Services Principles
CSIS 103 Document Processing I
CSIS 104 Document Processing II
CSIS 105 Desktop Client Support
CSIS 110 Technology and Information Management
CSIS 111 Microcomputer Hardware Concepts
CSIS 112 Introduction to Networks CCNA 1
CSIS 113 Routing and Switching Essentials CCNA 2
CSIS 115 Computer Concepts and Applications
CSIS 116 Introduction to Desktop Publishing
CSIS 123 Programming Fundamentals
CSIS 128 Web Development
CSIS 129 Introduction to E-Commerce
CSIS 141 Discrete Structures for Computer Science I
CSIS 143 Database Design and Management
CSIS 151 Microcomputer Operating Systems Concepts
CSIS 152 Linux Operating Systems
CSIS 161 Networking Fundamentals
CSIS 162 Introduction to Digital Media
CSIS 170 Principles of Information Assurance
CSIS 171 LAN Novell Netware
CSIS 172 LAN Windows Server
CSIS 174 Technologies Used on Local Area Neworks
CSIS 175 Service and Support of Local Area Networks
CSIS 177 Database Application and Design with Access
CSIS 178 Internetworking with TCP/IP
CSIS 180 Current Topics
CSIS 182 Enterprise Security Management
CSIS 202 Healthcare IT Principles
CSIS 208 Secure E-Commerce
CSIS 212 Scaling Networks CCNA 3
CSIS 213 Connecting Networks CCNA 4
CSIS 215 Advanced Microcomputer Applications
CSIS 216 Implementing Cisco IP Routing: CCNP 1
CSIS 217 Implementing IP Switching: CCNP 2
CSIS 218 Maintaining and Troubleshooting IP Networks: CCNP 3
CSIS 219 Network Troubleshooting - CCNP4
CSIS 221 Introduction to Computer Architecture
CSIS 222 Object-Oriented Programming with Java
CSIS 223 Object-Oriented Programming
CSIS 228 Advanced Web Development
CSIS 233 Web-Centric Programming
CSIS 250 Computer Science Information Systems
CSIS 257 Implementing a Database in Microsoft SQL Information Systems
CSIS 258 System Administration for Microsoft SQL Server
CSIS 262 Advanced Digital Media Design and Development
CSIS 265 .NET Web Programming with C#
CSIS 269 Securing Wireless Networks
CSIS 271 Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis
CSIS 272 Network Security I
CSIS 273 Network Security II
CSIS 279 Web Database Programming
CSIS 285 Digital Forensics
CSIS 290 Field Competencies and Employment Strategies

CSMG - Construction Management

CSMG 110 Problem Solving/Decision Making
CSMG 120 OSHA and Site Security
CSMG 130 Cost Awareness/Production Control
CSMG 140 Beginning Print Reading
CSMG 150 Construction Management Leadership
CSMG 160 Construction Project Management
CSMG 170 Communication for Construction Management
CSMG 180 General and Specialty Contractor Dynamics
CSMG 205 Intermediate Print Reading
CSMG 210 Accident Prevention/Loss Control
CSMG 220 Planning and Scheduling
CSMG 230 Productivity Improvement
CSMG 250 Construction Estimating
CSMG 260 Contract Documents
CSMG 270 Advanced Print Reading

CSOF - Computer Software

CSOF 80 Beginning Keyboarding
CSOF 100 Introduction to Personal Computing
CSOF 101 Introduction to Word Processing
CSOF 102 Introduction to Spreadsheet Applications
CSOF 103 Introduction to Database
CSOF 104 Introduction to Microcomputer Operating Systems
CSOF 106 Introduction to Presentation Software
CSOF 107 Assistive Technology for Computer Applications
CSOF 108 Introduction to Internet

DANC - Dance

DANC 100 General Dance
DANC 111 Modern Dance I

DENA - Dental Assisting

Dental Assisting Program Outcomes
DENA 100 Introduction to Dental Assisting
DENA 101 Body Structure and Function
DENA 102 Head and Neck Anatomy
DENA 103 Dental Anatomy
DENA 104 Dental Emergencies and Pharmacology
DENA 105 Dental Materials I
DENA 108 Oral Microbiology and Infection Control
DENA 110 Chairside Assisting I
DENA 115 Dental Radiology I
DENA 125 Clinical Experience I
DENA 205 Dental Materials II
DENA 210 Chairside Assisting II
DENA 215 Dental Radiology II
DENA 225 Dental Office Management
DENA 230 Oral Pathology
DENA 250 Clinical Experience II
DENA 260 Dental Assisting Seminar II

ECON - Economics

ECON 110 Introduction to Economics
ECON 210 Macroeconomics
ECON 211 Microeconomics

EDUC - Education

EDUC 102 Participation in Education II
EDUC 131 The Paraprofessor Educator
EDUC 160 Literacy Instruction for Paraprofessionals
EDUC 162 Mathematics Instruction for Paraprofessionals
EDUC 190 Art for Elementary Teachers
EDUC 200 Foundations of Education
EDUC 201 Teaching Profession with Field Experience
EDUC 205 Physical Education for Elementary Teachers
EDUC 210 Music for Elementary Teachers
EDUC 215 Children’s Literature for Elementary Teachers
EDUC 235 Diversity Issues in Education - Global Diversity
EDUC 238 Classroom Management
EDUC 239 Internship in Paraprofessional Education
EDUC 270 Educational Psychology
EDUC 280 Technology for Teachers
EDUC 285 Education of Exceptional Learners
EDUC 299 Special Topics in Paraprofessional Education

EHSS - Environmental Health and Safety

EHSS Program Outcomes
EHSS Environmental Program Outcomes
EHSS 100 Introduction to Environmental, Health and Safety
EHSS 101 Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER)
EHSS 110 Properties and Hazards of Hazardous Materials
EHSS 111 Introduction to Health and Safety for General Industry
EHSS 112 Introduction to Health and Safety for Construction
EHSS 200 Safety and Health Regulations and Standards
EHSS 201 EHSS Laboratory
EHSS 202 Transportation and Storage of Hazardous Materials
EHSS 203 Environmental Regulations
EHSS 204 Emergency Preparedness and Planning
EHSS 205 Principles of Industrial Hygiene
EHSS 210 Incident and Accident Investigation
EHSS 211 Workers Compensation Legislation for EHS
EHSS 217 Concepts of Sustainability, Recycling and Pollution Prevention
EHSS 218 Industrial Hazard Control
EHSS 220 Air Quality Management
EHSS 225 Water Quality Management
EHSS 230 Waste Management
EHSS 275 Analytical Applications for EHS
EHSS 290 EHS Program Capstone

ELEC - Electricity

ELEC 115 Inside Wiring I
ELEC 116 Inside Wiring II
ELEC 117 Inside Wiring III
ELEC 215 Inside Wiring IV
ELEC 216 Inside Wiring V

EMS - Emergency Medical Services - Paramedic

Paramedic Program Outcomes
EMS 100 Basic Emergency Care
EMS 110 First Responder
EMS 150 Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
EMS 200 Introduction to Paramedic Care
EMS 202 Paramedic Skills Laboratory I
EMS 206 Paramedic Pharmacology
EMS 212 Emergency Cardiology
EMS 214 Paramedic Skills Laboratory II
EMS 218 Medical Emergencies
EMS 224 Trauma Management
EMS 230 Care of Women and Children
EMS 236 Paramedic Integration
EMS 254 Paramedic Hospital Clinic
EMS 258 Paramedic Field Internship

ENGL - English

ENGL 28 Basic Writing Skills I
ENGL 30 Basic Writing Skills II
ENGL 80 Foundations of College Writing I
ENGL 90 Foundations of College Writing II
ENGL 101 Composition and Reading I
ENGL 101R Composition and Reading I-Review
ENGL 102 Composition and Reading II
ENGL 104 News Writing and Reporting I
ENGL 105 News Writing and Reporting II
ENGL 106 News Writing and Reporting III
ENGL 107 News Writing and Reporting IV
ENGL 111 Vocabulary
ENGL 119 Introduction to Report Writing
ENGL 129 Directed Reading
ENGL 132 Colloquia
ENGL 198 Service-Learning in English
ENGL 201 Creative Writing I
ENGL 202 Creative Writing II
ENGL 203 Creative Writing III
ENGL 204 Creative Writing IV
ENGL 205 Principles of JournalismV
ENGL 209 Creative Writing: Screenwriting
ENGL 210 Creative Writing: Writing Children's Literature
ENGL 214 Introduction to Fiction
ENGL 215 Technical Writing
ENGL 216 Introduction to Drama and Poetry
ENGL 218 Introduction to Literature
ENGL 219 Advanced Screenwriting
ENGL 220 British Literature to 1750
ENGL 221 British Literature 1750 - Present
ENGL 222 American Literature to 1860
ENGL 223 American Literature 1860 - Present
ENGL 230 Science Fiction
ENGL 232 Detective Fiction
ENGL 234 Film as Literature
ENGL 240 Mythology
ENGL 242 Bible as Literature
ENGL 250 Masterpieces of American Literature
ENGL 254 World Literature I
ENGL 255 World Literature II
ENGL 256 World Masterpieces
ENGL 260 African-American Literature - Global Diversity
ENGL 262 Women's Lives and Autobiography
ENGL 264 U.S. Latino and Latina Literature - Global Diversity
ENGL 265 African Literature - Global Diversity
ENGL 267 North American Indian Literature - Global Diversity
ENGL 268 Women's Literature
ENGL 299 Shakespeare

ENGR - Engineering

ENGR 101 Introduction to the Engineering Profession
ENGR 113 CAD and Microcomputer Graphics
ENGR 121 Metallurgy for Engineers
ENGR 204 Programming for Engineers and Scientists
ENGR 215 Engineering Statistics and Computation
ENGR 223 Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
ENGR 229 Statics
ENGR 230 Dynamics
ENGR 233 Circuit Analysis I
ENGR 240 Mechanics of Materials

ESL - English as a Second Language

ESL 2 Novice I: Speaking and Listening
ESL 3 Novice I: Reading and Vocabulary
ESL 4 Basic Writing
ESL 5 Basic Grammar
ESL 6 Basic Reading
ESL 7 Basic Speaking/Listening
ESL 8 Novice I: Grammar
ESL 9 Novice I: Composition
ESL 10 Composition I
ESL 11 Grammar I
ESL 12 Speaking & Listening I
ESL 13 Reading and Vocabulary I
ESL 16 Novice II: Speaking and Listening
ESL 17 Novice II: Reading and Vocabulary
ESL 18 Novice II : Grammar
ESL 19 Novice II : Composition
ESL 20 Composition II
ESL 21 Grammar II
ESL 22 Speaking and Listening II
ESL 23 Reading and Vocabulary II
ESL 26 Intermediate I: Speaking and Listening
ESL 27 Intermediate I: Reading and Vocabulary
ESL 28 Intermediate I: Grammar
ESL 29 Intermediate I: Composition
ESL 30 Composition III
ESL 31 Grammar III
ESL 32 Speaking and Listening III
ESL 33 Reading and Vocabulary III
ESL 36 Intermediate II: Speaking and Listening
ESL 37 Intermediate II: Reading and Vocabulary
ESL 38 Intermediate II: Grammar
ESL 39 Intermediate II: Composition
ESL 40 Composition IV
ESL 41 Grammar IV
ESL 42 Speaking and Listening IV
ESL 43 Reading and Vocabulary IV
ESL 46 Advanced I: Speaking and Listening
ESL 47 Advanced II: Reading and Vocabulary
ESL 48 Advanced I: Grammar
ESL 49 Advanced I: Composition
ESL 50 Multiskills II
ESL 56 Advanced II: Speaking and Listening
ESL 57 Advanced II: Reading and Vocabulary
ESL 58 Advanced II: Grammar
ESL 59 Advanced II: Composition
ESL 97 English as a Second Language I
ESL 98 English as a Second Language II
ESL 99 English as a Second Language III

ETEC - Engineering Technology

ETEC Architecture Program Outcomes
ETEC CADD Program Outcomes
ETEC Civil Engineering Program Outcomes
ETEC Computer and Electronic Program Outcomes
ETEC Electronics Program Outcomes
ETEC Mechanical Manufacturing Program Outcomes
ETEC 110 Basic Electronics
ETEC 118 AC Circuit Analysis
ETEC 130 Digital Electronics
ETEC 152 Engineering Graphics & CADD I
ETEC 153 Descriptive Geometry
ETEC 155 Introduction to Residential Architecture
ETEC 170 CADD I, Alternate
ETEC 189 ETEC Internship I
ETEC 190 ETEC Internship II
ETEC 199 Special Projects in ETEC
ETEC 200 Applied Statics and Mechanics
ETEC 210 Introduction to Commercial Architecture
ETEC 211 Building Information Modeling, Revit
ETEC 212 Computer Integrated Manufacturing & Robotic Control
ETEC 220 Analog Devices
ETEC 230 Microcontroller Architecture
ETEC 240 Design Project
ETEC 258 Introduction to Machine Design
ETEC 262 Technical Illustration
ETEC 265 Introduction to Civil Design
ETEC 268 Introduction to Structural Steel Design
ETEC 270 Parametric Modeling
ETEC 271 Parametric Modeling, Alternate
ETEC 272 Advnaced Parametric Modeling and Prototyping, Inventor
ETEC 273 Advanced Parametric Modeling, Solidworks
ETEC 275 Build Project
ETEC 290 Internship in Engineering Technology
ETEC 295 Capstone Project in Engineering Technology

FASH - Fashion

Please see APTX - Apparel and Textiles.

FLIN - Foreign Language and Interpreting

FLIN 100 Introduction to Interpreting
FLIN 105 Fundamentals of Interpreting
FLIN 110 Medical Interpreting
FLIN 115 Legal Interpreting
FLIN 120 Interpreting Practicum

FREN - French

FREN 101 Elementary French I
FREN 102 Elementary French II
FREN 203 Intermediate French I
FREN 204 Contemporary French Literature

FSTE - Fire Science Technology

FSTE 101 Introduction to the Fire Service
FSTE 107 Fire Service Physical Fitness I
FSTE 108 Fire Service Physical Fitness II
FSTE 109 Fire Service Physical Fitness III
FSTE 161 Fire Investigation I
FSTE 169 Fire Prevention
FSTE 170 Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations
FSTE 172 Firefighting Strategy & Tactics
FSTE 179 Principles of Emergency Services
FSTE 183 Incident and Disaster Management
FSTE 189 Fire Fighter II
FSTE 192 Fire Protection Systems
FSTE 193 Legal Aspects of Fire
FSTE 200 Fire Service Supervision
FSTE 201 The Fire Service Manager
FSTE 202 Fire Service Administration
FSTE 203 Managing in Today’s Fire Service
FSTE 204 Principles of Fire and Emergency Services Safety and Survival
FSTE 205 Fire Behavior and Combustion
FSTE 206 Fire Investigation II
FSTE 207 Fire Protection Hydraulics and Water Supply

GEOG - Geography

GEOG-GIS Program Outcomes
GEOG 104 Physical Geography
GEOG 105 World Geography
GEOG 110 Meteorology
GEOG 111 Geography of the Western World
GEOG 112 Geography of the Eastern World
GEOG 113 Cultural/Human Geography - Global Diversity
GEOG 114 Introduction to Geography
GEOG 120 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
GEOG 207 Geography of the United States and Canada
GEOG 210 Economic Geography
GEOG 220 GIS Database and Design
GEOG 224 Applications in Geographic Information Systems
GEOG 228 Administrative Issues in GIS
GEOG 230 Geographic Information Systems Internship

GEOL - Geology

GEOL 101 Physical Geology
GEOL 102 Historical Geology
GEOL 103 Environmental Geology
GEOL 110 Oceanography
GEOL 180 Energy and the Environment
GEOL 186 Solar Water and Space Heating
GEOL 199 Special Topics
GEOL 212 Geology Field Study
GEOL 214 Selected Geology Field Study
GEOL 215 Geology Field Study
GEOL 226 Solar Thermal Design and Installation

GERM - German

GERM 101 Elementary German
GERM 102 German II
GERM 203 Intermediate German I
GERM 204 The German Novelle

GDES - Graphic Design

GDES 110 Computers in Design I
GDES 115 Introduction to Graphic Arts
GDES 150 Computers in Design II
GDES 160 Graphic Design I
GDES 210 Graphic Design II
GDES 220 Graphic Design File Preparation
GDES 245 Web Design
GDES 250 Graphic Design III
GDES 255 Advanced Web Design
GDES 264 Art Portfolio–Graphic Design
GDES 280 Advanced Color Correction
GDES 290 Graphic Design Internship

GUID - Guided Studies

GUID 100 Personal Skills I
GUID 108 Academic Success
GUID 109 Career Exploration Seminar
GUID 112 Effective Study Skills
GUID 113 Orientation
GUID 114 Educational Options
GUID 115 Stress, Strength, and Satisfaction
GUID 116 Stress Management
GUID 150 Career Planning & Employment Strategies
GUID 152 Employment Strategies
GUID 199 Special Topics in Guided Studies

HITE - Health Information Management

HIM Program Outcomes
HIM 100 Medical Terminology
HIM 101 Introduction to Health Information Management
HIM 108 Legal Aspects of Health Information
HIM 110 Pharmacology
HIM 112 Database for Health Information
HIM 115 Healthcare Statistics
HIM 120 Quality Improvement in Healthcare
HIM 130 Health Data Systems
HIM 135 Organizational Management
HIM 202 Clinical Classification Systems - Diagnostic
HIM 207 Clinical Classification Systems - PCS
HIM 210 Ambulatory Care Coding - CPT
HIM 214 Healthcare Reimbursement Methodologies
HIM 215 Clinical Professional Practice
HIM 218 Ambulatory Care Coding - CPT
HIM 221 Coding Professional Practice
HIM 222 Health Information Management Competency Review

HLSC - Health Sciences

HLSC 100 Introduction to Health Professions
HLSC 108 Anatomy and Physiology for Health Professions

HIST 120 United States History to 1865
HIST 121 United States History Since 1865
HIST 130 Women in American History - Global Diversity
HIST 133 Foundations of Western Civilization
HIST 134 Modern Western Civilization
HIST 140 African Ameican History - Global Diversity
HIST 145 Survey of English History
HIST 150 Native American History
HIST 199 Special Topics in History
HIST 202 Material Culture and the American Past
HIST 203 Introduction to Public History
HIST 221 Russian History
HIST 226 American Frontiers

HUMN - Humanities

HUMN 103 Introduction to International Studies
HUMN 140 Humanities Past and Present
HUMN 141 Latin American Humanities - Global Diversity
HUMN 145 Comparative Humanities: Myth Through Time - Global Diversity
HUMN 165 American Humanities: Diversity in the American Experience - Global Diversity
HUMN 200 Honors Seminar I
HUMN 201 Honors Seminar II
HUMN 202 Honors Seminar III
HUMN 203 Honors Seminar IV
HUMN 204 Honors Seminar V
HUMN 205 Honors Seminar VI
HUMN 206 Honors Seminar VII
HUMN 207 Honors Seminar VIII

HUMS - Human Services

Human Services Matrix
HUMS 100 Introduction to Human Services
HUMS 160 Principles of Youth Work
HUMS 166 Behavior Modification Techniques with Adolescents
HUMS 167 Special Issues in Human Services
HUMS 168 Introduction to Practicum
HUMS 171 Crisis Intervention
HUMS 172 Aging, Alcohol, and Medications
HUMS 173 Humanistic Perspective on Aging
HUMS 174 Counseling Issues in Today's Families
HUMS 175 Spirituality in Addiction Recovery
HUMS 176 Addiction Management
HUMS 177 Positive Dependency
HUMS 178 Women's Issues in Addiction
HUMS 180 Gambling Addiction
HUMS 190 Community Mental Health
HUMS 201 Human Services Practicum I
HUMS 202 Human Services Practicum II
HUMS 203 Colloquia I
HUMS 204 Colloquia II
HUMS 210 Basic Counseling Skills and Interpersonal Communication Communications
HUMS 215 Developmental Disabilities
HUMS 220 Social Welfare
HUMS 271 Human Services for the Older Adult
HUMS 275 Alcohol and Drug Addiction
HUMS 280 Addiction Counseling with Special Populations
HUMS 285 Addiction Client Management

HUSC - Human Science

HUSC 100 Careers in Human Sciences
HUSC 108 Nutrition
HUSC 115 Consumer Problems
HUSC 120 Competency Documentation
HUSC 162 Marriage and Family Living
HUSC 200 Entrepreneurship in Human Sciences
HUSC 236 Special Problems in Human Sciences

HVAC - Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

HVAC Program Outcomes
HVAC 109 Electricity for HVAC/R Technicians
HVAC 111 Principles of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
HVAC 120 Fundamentals of Refrigeration
HVAC 135 Residential Heating and Air Conditioning I
HVAC 136 Residential Heating and Cooling II
HVAC 201 Stationary Engineering
HVAC 205 Advanced Energy Systems Management
HVAC 211 Design and Estimating
HVAC 221 Commercial Refrigeration
HVAC 230 Sheet Metal Layout and Fabrication
HVAC 235 Systems Installation
HVAC 240 Geo-Thermal and Air Source Heat Pump
HVAC 250 HVAC Internship
HVAC 291 HVAC Special Problems & Projects
HVAC 292 Special Topics
HVAC 293 Special Topics

INTE - Industrial Technology

INTE Program Outcomes
INTE Industrial Maintenance Program Outcomes
INTE Maintenance Program Outcomes
INTE Stationary Engineering Program Outcomes
INTE 101 Introduction to Industrial Technologies
INTE 102 Communication for Industry
INTE 103 Environmental Services for the Health Field
INTE 107 Industrial Electrical Safety
INTE 110 Industrial Electrical Principles
INTE 111 Microprocessor Hardware Repair
INTE 112 Industrial Electrical DC Principles
INTE 113 Industrial Electrical AC Principles
INTE 115 Blueprint Reading, Electrical
INTE 120 Industrial Technologies Internship I
INTE 121 INTE Internship & Co-Op
INTE 124 Employment Strategies for Industrial Technologies
INTE 131 Special Problems & Projects
INTE 140 Fundamentals of Industrial Maintenance
INTE 142 National Electric Code (NEC)
INTE 150 Fundamentals of Hydraulics
INTE 151 Industrial Rigging
INTE 166 Introduction to Welding Technology
INTE 175 Electrical Motor Controls I
INTE 185 Solar/Photovoltaic Systems
INTE 220 Industrial Technologies Internship II
INTE 224 Energy Management, Efficiency and Conservation
INTE 225 Industrial Electrical Print Reading
INTE 230 Solar/Photovoltaic Design and Installation
INTE 235 Solar Photovoltaic Site Assessment
INTE 240 Advanced Principles of Industrial Maintenance
INTE 242 Master & Journeyman Electrical Exam Preparation
INTE 260 Pipe Fitting Fundamentals
INTE 270 Instrumentation and Process Controls
INTE 271 Programmable Logic Controller I
INTE 272 Programmable Logic Controller II
INTE 273 Variable Speed Motor Drives and Controllers
INTE 275 Electric Motor Controls II
INTE 276 Electrical Troubleshooting
INTE 277 Programmable Logic Controller Troubleshooting
INTE 279 Networking for Automated Systems
INTE 280 HMI for the PLC
INTE 281 Industrial Robotics
INTE 290 Programmable Logic Controller Capstone

LIBR - Library

LIBR 100 Introduction to Library & Online Research
LIBR 110 College Research and Information Literacy

LINE - Line Technician

LINE Program Outcomes
LINE 104 Pole Climbing Skills
LINE 105 Electrical Distribution Systems
LINE 210 Pole Framing and Construction Specifications
LINE 215 Setting and Replacing Poles
LINE 237 Transformer Theory and Installation
LINE 241 Conductor Installation and Metering
LINE 250 Fusing, Substations and Voltage Regulation
LINE 251 Installation & Troubleshooting Underground Distribution Systems
LINE 252 Advanced Pole Climbing
LINE 253 Safety and Accident Prevention

LWEN - Law Enforcement

LWEN 100 Introduction to Public Safety
LWEN 101 Introduction to Law Enforcement
LWEN 111 Law Enforcement Operational Procedures
LWEN 112 Traffic Control and Investigation
LWEN 114 Law Enforcement Report Writing
LWEN 122 Procedural Law for Law Enforcement
LWEN 143 Defensive Tactics for Law Enforcement
LWEN 200 Law Enforcement Skills
LWEN 203 Criminal Investigations I for Law Enforcement
LWEN 204 Criminal Investigations II for Law Enforcement
LWEN 230 Missouri Statutory Law

MATH - Math

MATH 20 Basic Mathematical Operations
MATH 20L Basic Mathematics/Lab
MATH 31 Pre-College Mathematics I
MATH 32 Pre-College Mathematics II
MATH 40 Introductory Algebra
MATH 40L Intro Co-Laboratory Algebra
MATH 91 Elements of Algebra I
MATH 92 Elements of Algebra II
MATH 93 Elements of Algebra III
MATH 100 Mathematics for Business
MATH 102 Technical and Business Math
MATH 103 Technical Mathematics I
MATH 103R Technical Mathematics I with Review
MATH 104 Technical Mathematics II
MATH 105 Algebra and Trigonometry for Land Surveyors
MATH 110 Intermediate Algebra
MATH 110R Intermediate Algebra with Review
MATH 115 Statistics
MATH 119 College Mathematics
MATH 120 College Algebra
MATH 120R College Algebra with Review
MATH 130 Trigonometry
MATH 135 Number Systems for Elementary Teachers
MATH 136 Geometry , Probability, and Statistics for Elementary Teachers
MATH 141 Discrete Structures for Science
MATH 150 Precalculus
MATH 175 Calculus for Business and Social Science
MATH 180 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I
MATH 190 Analytic Geometry and Calculus II
MATH 196 Special Topics I
MATH 210 Analytic Geometry and Calculus III
MATH 230 Differential Equations
MATH 241 Discrete Structures for Computer Science II

MTRN - Medical Transcription

MTRN 101 Medical Transcription I
MTRN 112 Medical Transcription II
MTRN 113 Medical Terminology for Health Records II

MUSI - Music

MUSI 101 Mixed Chorus I
MUSI 102 Mixed Chorus II
MUSI 103 Band I
MUSI 104 Band II
MUSI 105 Orchestra I
MUSI 106 Orchestra II
MUSI 107 Fundamentals of Music
MUSI 108 Music Appreciation
MUSI 110 Music Theory I
MUSI 111 Music Theory II
MUSI 112 Class Piano I
MUSI 113 Class Piano II
MUSI 116 Evolution of Jazz
MUSI 117 Special Topics in Music
MUSI 120 Class Voice I
MUSI 121 Class Voice II
MUSI 123 Class Piano II
MUSI 125 Class Guitar I
MUSI 126 Class Guitar II
MUSI 130 Private Instruction I
MUSI 131 Private Instruction I
MUSI 132 Private Instruction II
MUSI 133 Private Instruction II
MUSI 150 Midi Music Production on the Computer
MUSI 160 Music of the World's Cultures
MUSI 201 Mixed Chorus III
MUSI 202 Mixed Chorus IV
MUSI 203 Band III
MUSI 204 Band IV
MUSI 205 Orchestra III
MUSI 206 Orchestra IV
MUSI 210 Music Theory III
MUSI 211 Music Theory IV
MUSI 212 Class Piano III
MUSI 213 Class Piano IV
MUSI 230 Private Instruction III
MUSI 231 Private Instruction III
MUSI 232 Private Instruction IV
MUSI 233 Private Instruction IV

OTHA - Occupational Therapy

OTHA Program Outcomes
OTHA 100 Introduction to Occupational Therapy
OTHA 102 Documentation Guidelines
OTHA 103 Clinical Conditions
OTHA 106 Therapeutic Interventions I
OTHA 116 Level I Fieldwork I
OTHA 118 Assistive Technology
OTHA 120 Pediatrics
OTHA 121 Level I Fieldwork II
OTHA 130 Analysis of Physical Performance
OTHA 154 Applied Neurology
OTHA 173 Special Topics I
OTHA 201 Mental Health
OTHA 202 Physical Dysfunction
OTHA 203 Gerontology
OTHA 208 Therapeutic Interventions II
OTHA 212 Level I Fieldwork III
OTHA 217 Fieldwork Seminar
OTHA 222 Level II Fieldwork

PARA - Paralegal Technology

PARA Program Outcomes
PARA 100 Introduction to Paralegal Practice
PARA 104 Principles of Legal Technology
PARA 126 Criminal Law and Procedures
PARA 173 Contracts
PARA 175 Torts
PARA 176 Legal Research
PARA 177 Legal Writing
PARA 181 Property
PARA 185 Ethics for the Paralegal
PARA 199 Special Topics in Legal Studies
PARA 224 Criminal Evidence
PARA 248 Constitutional Law
PARA 278 Employment Law
PARA 279 Family Law
PARA 283 Wills, Trusts and Probate
PARA 284 Intellectual Property
PARA 285 Media Law
PARA 290 Internship in Paralegal Practice
PARA 292 Litigation
PARA 294 Bankruptcy
PARA 299 Special Topics in Legal Studies

PHED - Physical Education

PHED 105 Body Building I
PHED 106 Body Building II
PHED 107 Physical Fitness I
PHED 108 Physical Fitness II
PHED 109 Physical Fitness III
PHED 110 Physical Fitness IV
PHED 113 Volleyball I
PHED 114 Volleyball II
PHED 117 Golf I
PHED 118 Golf II
PHED 119 Basketball I
PHED 120 Basketball II
PHED 121 Aerobics I
PHED 122 Aerobics II
PHED 123 Bench Aerobics
PHED 126 Lifetime Fitness I
PHED 127 Lifetime Fitness II
PHED 128 Lifetime Fitness III
PHED 129 Lifetime Fitness IV
PHED 130 Fitness Walking
PHED 131 Jogging and Distance Training
PHED 133 Softball
PHED 135 Fencing I
PHED 136 Fencing II
PHED 137 Tennis I
PHED 138 Tennis II
PHED 139 Racquetball I
PHED 140 Racquetball II
PHED 141 Bowling I
PHED 142 Bowling II
PHED 143 Self Defense
PHED 144 Karate I
PHED 145 Karate II
PHED 146 Karate III
PHED 147 Karate IV
PHED 151 Introduction to Exercise Science, Physical Education, and Recreation
PHED 154 Principles of Group Exercise Instruction
PHED 155 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
PHED 157 Personal Health
PHED 158 First Aid/CPR
PHED 159 Individual Wellness
PHED 160 Horsemanship
PHED 165 Varsity Sports I
PHED 166 Varsity Sports II
PHED 167 Varsity Sports III
PHED 168 Varsity Sports IV
PHED 173 Wrestling I
PHED 174 Wrestling II
PHED 178 Scuba Diving
PHED 179 Aqua Aerobics I
PHED 180 Aqua Aerobics II
PHED 181 Swimming I
PHED 182 Swimming II
PHED 183 Swimming III
PHED 184 Lifeguard Training
PHED 185 Water Safety Instruction
PHED 186 Springboard Diving
PHED 235 Kinesiology Excercise Science

PHIL - Philosophy

PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 101 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 102 World Philosophy - Global Diversity
PHIL 200 Logic
PHIL 201 History of Philosophy I
PHIL 202 History of Philosophy II
PHIL 203 Ethics
PHIL 205 Professional Ethics

PHYS - Physics

PHYS 101 Introductory Physics
PHYS 104 Foundations of Physical Science
PHYS 106 General Astronomy
PHYS 112 Technical Physics
PHYS 130 General Physics I
PHYS 131 General Physics II
PYHS 220 Engineering Physics I
PHYS 221 Engineering Physics II

PNUR - Practical Nursing

PNUR 100 Personal and Vocational Concepts
PNUR 103 Fundamentals of Nursing
PNUR 110 Pharmacology
PNUR 128 Mental Health Nursing
PNUR 132 The Childbearing Family
PNUR 136 Venous Access and Intravenous Infusion
PNUR 138 Nursing of the Adult I
PNUR 144 Nursing of the Adult II
PNUR 146 Leadership

POLS - Political Science

POLS 135 Introduction to Political Science
POLS 136 Introduction to American National Politics
POLS 137 Introduction to State and Local Politics
POLS 138 Practicum in Public Administration
POLS 153 The Missouri Constitution
POLS 199 Special Topics in Political Science
POLS 234 Introduction to Internal Relations
POLS 248 Constitutional Law and Politics

PSYC - Psychology

PSYC 140 General Psychology
PSYC 141 Advanced General Psychology
PSYC 143 Psychology of the African-American Experience - Global Diversity
PSYC 144 Adjustment and Personality
PSYC 146 Industrial and Organizational Psychology
PSYC 148 Group Process
PSYC 162 Correctional Psychology
PSYC 210 Interviewing and Interpersonal Communications
PSYC 220 Psychology of Prejudice
PSYC 230 Death and Dying
PSYC 240 Child Development
PSYC 243 Human Lifespan Development
PSYC 260 Social Psychology
PSYC 270 Social Psychology of Aging

PTHA - Physical Therapy

PTHA Program Outcomes
PTHA Program Matrix
PTHA 151 Introduction to Physical Therapy
PTHA 152 Physical Therapy Fundamentals I
PTHA 153 Kinesiology
PTHA 154 Applied Neurology
PTHA 155 Rehabilitation
PTHA 158 Therapeutic Exercise
PTHA 159 Orthopedic Pathology
PTHA 160 Medical Diseases
PTHA 161 Physical Therapy Fundamentals II
PTHA 162 Clinical Immersion
PTHA 164 Pediatrics and Gerontology
PTHA 170 Clinical Experience I
PTHA 171 Clinical Seminar
PTHA 172 Clinical Experience III
PTHA 173 Special Topics I
PTHA 175 Special Topics
PTHA 272 Clinical Education II

RATE - Radiologic Technology

RATE Program Outcomes
RATE 150 Introduction to Radiologic Technology
RATE 160 Survey of Radiologic Technology
RATE 165 Patient Care
RATE 170 Radiation Biology
RATE 171 Radiographic Imaging I
RATE 172 Radiographic Procedures I
RATE 173 Clinical Practice I
RATE 174 Radiographic Imaging II
RATE 175 Clinical Practice II
RATE 176 Radiographic Procedures II
RATE 178 Clinical Practice III
RATE 278 Pathology
RATE 279 Radiographic Procedures III
RATE 280 Clinical Practice IV
RATE 281 Radiation Physics
RATE 282 Clinical Practice V
RATE 285 Imaging Modalities

READ - Reading

READ 10 Foundations for Academic Reading I
READ 11 Foundations for Academic Reading II
READ 13 Linguistic Comprehension I
READ 15 Phonology I
READ 16 Phonology I
READ 17 Phonology I
READ 18 Linguistic Comprehension II
READ 19 Phonology II
READ 20 Phonology II
READ 21 Phonology II
READ 22 Language Processing
READ 25 Study Skills
READ 26 Listening and Note taking
READ 30 Foundations for Academic Reading I
READ 31 Foundations for Academic Reading II
READ 33 Linguistic Comprehension I
READ 38 Linguistic Comprehension II
READ 40 Everyday Reading
READ 51 Spelling I
READ 52 Spelling II
READ 60 Test taking Skills
READ 80 Elements of Critical Thinking
READ 100 College Reading
READ 101 Speed Reading
READ 103 Linguistic Comprehension III
READ 108 College Success Skills
READ 114 Advanced College Reading
READ 124 Study Skills
READ 199 Instructional Techniques in Reading and Spelling I
READ 201 Instructional Techniques in Reading and Spelling II

RNUR - Registered Nursing

RNUR 115 Professional Transition
RNUR 126 Fundamentals of Professional Nursing
RNUR 131 Essential Nursing Concepts
RNUR 134 Mental Health Nursing
RNUR 138 Nursing Care of Women and the Neonate
RNUR 141 Adult Nursing I
RNUR 230 Leadership/Management/Trends
RNUR 234 Child-Centered Nursing
RNUR 238 Adult Nursing II
RNUR 244 Adult Nursing III

SIGN - Sign Language (Discontinued)

SIGN 101 American Sign Language I
SIGN 102 American Sign Language II
SIGN 103 Deaf Culture - Global Diversity

SOCI - Sociology

SOCI 101 Sex Roles and Sexuality
SOCI 160 Intro to Sociology
SOCI 161 Urban Sociology
SOCI 163 Social Problems
SOCI 164 Sociology of the African-American Family - Global Diversity
SOCI 165 Criminology
SOCI 168 Juvenile Deliquency
SOCI 169 Family Violence and Sexual Abuse
SOCI 170 General Anthropology
SOCI 199 Special Topics in Sociology
SOCI 210 Native Americans in Contemporary Society - Global Diversity
SOCI 220 Marriage and Family Living
SOCI 271 Social Gerontology

SOSC - Social Science

SOSC 171 Comparative Ethnic and Cultural Studies

SPAN - Spanish

SPAN 100 Beginning Occupational Spanish
SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish I
SPAN 102 Elementary Spanish II
SPAN 107 Spanish Composition and Conversation: Topics in Culture - Global Diversity
SPAN 111 Accelerated Elementary Spanish I
SPAN 203 Intermediate Spanish
SPAN 204 Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN 207 Spanish Composition and Conversation: Topics in Culture - Global Diversity
SPAN 209 Introduction to Hispanic Literature
SPAN 212 Spanish Immersion - Global Diversity
SPAN 214 Spanish Immersion II - Global Diversity
SPAN 216 Spanish Immersion III - Global Diversity
SPAN 218 Spanish Immersion IV - Global Diversity

SRVY - Land Surveying

Land Surveying Program Outcomes
SRVY 135 Elementary Surveying
SRVY 137 Subdivision Planning and Layout
SRVY 139 Route and Construction
SRVY 235 Advanced Survey
SRVY 236 Boundary Control and Legal Principles
SRVY 237 Evidence and Procedures for Boundary Location
SRVY 240 Analysis of Survey Measurements
SRVY 242 Analysis of Survey Measurements II
SRVY 244 Fundamentals of GPS Surveying

SURT - Surgical Technology

SURT Program Outcomes
SURT 100 Introdcution to Surgical Technology
SURT 103 Central Services
SURT 105 Care of the Surgical Patient
SURT 109 Pharmacology for the Surgical Technologist
SURT 120 Fundamentals of Surgical Technology I
SURT 121 Fundamentals of Surgical Technology II
SURT 130 Surgical Procedures I
SURT 131 Surgical Procedures II
SURT 140 Clinical Experience
SURT 141 Surgical Technology Capstone

THEA - Theater

THEA 106 Theater Appreciation
THEA 112 Oral Interpretation of Literature
THEA 114 Theater and the Western World
THEA 115 Acting in a Video and/or Digital Medium
THEA 116 Children’s Theater
THEA 120 Acting I
THEA 121 Elements of Play Production
THEA 122 Theater Practicum
THEA 132 Directed Studies in Theater
THEA 198 Service Learning in Theater
THEA 220 Acting II

VETT - Veterinary Technology

VETT 100 Introduction to Veterinary Technology
VETT 101 Principles of Animal Science I
VETT 108 Clinical Mathematics for Veterinary Technicians
VETT 110 Principles of Animal Science II
VETT 111 Sanitation and Animal Care
VETT 200 Veterinary Hospital Technology I
VETT 201 Clinical Pathology Techniques I
VETT 202 Veterinary Anatomy
VETT 203 Laboratory Animal Technology
VETT 209 Equine Medicine and Management
VETT 210 Veterinary Hospital Technology II
VETT 211 Clinical Pathology Techniques II
VETT 212 Large Animal Technology
VETT 213 Radiology and Electronic Procedures
VETT 214 Veterinary Technician Preceptorship

WELD - Welding

WELD Program Outcomes
WELD 105 Welding for the Trades
WELD 100 Introduction to Welding/Cutting Processes
WELD 110 Welding Industry Fundamentals
WELD 120 Thermal Cutting Processes Lecture
WELD 121 Thermal Cutting Processes Lab
WELD 130 Print Reading & Weld Symbols
WELD 140 Shielded Metal Arc Welding I (stick) Lecture
WELD 141 Shielded Metal Arc Welding I (stick) Lab
WELD 150 Gas Metal Arc Welding I (MIG) Lecture
WELD 151 Gas Metal Arc Welding I (MIG) Lab
WELD 160 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding I (TIG) Lecture
WELD 161 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding I (TIG) Lab
WELD 230 Layout and Fabrication Lecture
WELD 231 Layout and Fabrication
WELD 240 Shielded Metal Arc Welding II (stick) Lecture
WELD 241 Shielded Metal Arc Welding II (stick) Lab
WELD 250 Gas Metal Arc Welding II (MIG) Lecture
WELD 251 Gas Metal Arc Welding II (MIG) Lab
WELD 260 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding II (TIG) Lecture
WELD 261 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding II (TIG) Lab
WELD 270 Flux Core Arc Welding I Lecture
WELD 271 Flux Core Arc Welding I Lab
WELD 290 Management Skills for the Trades

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