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Meet The Counselors

Grethen Blythe, MCC-LV Counseling.

Gretchen Blythe

Campus Center building, room 210E
816.604.2251 or E-mail

I have worked in higher education for 16 years. I have been a counselor at MCC - Longview since 2000.

Previously, I have worked in Vermont as the Director of Student Support Services and at MCC -Penn Valley as the Access Counselor. Prior to my work in higher education, I worked on job seeking skills and job placement for people with disabilities.

I am very committed to the students at MCC -Longview. I strive to meet each student in his/ her unique situation. I especially enjoy working with students on transition issues, career exploration, relationship issues, relaxation techniques, and academic concerns. If you find yourself with some spare time (what's that?!) in between classes stop by the campus center to say "hi". I'd love to meet you.

Connie Flick-Hruska, MCC-LV Counseling.

Connie Flick-Hruska

Campus Center building, room 210D
816.604.2252 or E-mail

I have been at Longview for over 20 years and began my career here setting up classroom accommodations for students with disabilities, helping to teach self advocacy and ease the transition from high school to college for students.

I became the special populations counselor over 15 years ago to coordinate our program for single parents, displaced homemakers and students entering careers considered non traditional for their gender. (Grant information for students in these categories is available from this flyer in PDF format).

Before coming to Longview I worked as a guidance counselor with adolescents in the school at Fulton State Hospital, as an evaluator for Vocational Rehabilitation, and as a counselor for Vocational Rehabilitation. I have been married over 25 years and have two daughters in college.

My special interest areas are working with single parents and displaced homemakers and non traditional students as well as working on transition issues for students with disabilities and for all students. I am also especially interested in parenting issues and issues for working women. I am currently heavily involved in our efforts to create a better first year experience for all of our incoming freshman.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, trying new recipes and cooking, exercising (necessary after all the cooking!), traveling and spending time with family and friends.

Jim McGraw, MCC-LV Counseling.

Jim McGraw

Business building, room 201R
816.604.2313 or E-mail

I have been a counselor at Longview Community College since 1993. Prior to Longview I worked at other college counseling centers, community mental health centers, and psychiatric hospitals.

My fundamental approach to counseling is person-centered, based on the belief that people are able to work-through difficulties and enhance their lives given the appropriate conditions.

Other influences on my counseling practice include family systems thinking, brain-compatible learning strategies, and narrative approaches to counseling. I also coordinate and supervise the graduate-level counseling interns at the Longview Counseling Center.

Along with the other counselors at Longview Community College, I utilize a holistic approach to college, career, and personal success. One dimension of this includes teaching relaxation training and using the biofeedback equipment in Longview's Relaxation Center to help people mange stress and enhance personal wellness.

In my free time, I enjoy reading and travel with my spouse, daughter, and our two dogs (however, the dogs can't travel or read very well). Other interests include exercise, guitar, and volunteering in the community.

Burke Maxted, MCC-LV Counseling.

Burke Maxted

Science & Technology building, room 102A
816.604.2257 or E-mail

I have been a counselor at MCC since 2003. My transition to counseling slowly evolved from my past work in a psychiatric hospital, a home for the mentally disabled, and at MCC as a student recruiter.

My first counseling position in 1998, took me and my wife, Amanda, to Santa Fe, New Mexico where I worked at Santa Fe Community College for 5 years. My wife's new business brought us both back to our hometown of Kansas City.

My professional interests and specializations include career counseling, addressing college first-year issues, attention deficit hyper-activity disorder, math anxiety and how to study for the math and sciences. My office is located in the ST Building, 102 A.

In our spare time Amanda and I enjoy camping, backpacking and house repairs, although we start many more repairs than we finish. Personally, I also enjoy learning to speak Spanish and playing golf. I hope that if you see me around campus you'll stop to say hello.

Deah  Robinson, MCC-LV Counseling.

Deah Robinson

Liberal Arts building, room 204
816.604.2256 or E-mail

Like most people, I wear many hats in my life. I am a daughter, a mother of two (wonderful dogs, lily and winston), a yoga guru (_in training), and a social activist. Oh yeah, I am a counselor too!

Life brought me to MCC-Longview after several years of working in human services when I felt I needed to go deeper into counseling work. Since my graduate studies concentrated on student affairs in a higher education setting; for me, working as a community college counselor was the best of both worlds.

My counseling approach is heavily rooted in jungian and transpersonal psychologies. I feel like my greatest role as a counselor is supporting students in as many ways as I can, through their process of individuation and self discovery.

My areas of specialization include working with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (lgbtq) students, as well as first generation college students and students of color.

When I am not at work I enjoy learning about alternative healing therapies, volunteering for civil rights organizations and being an unofficial taste tester for Chipotle Mexican Grill.

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