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Relaxation Resources

College students commonly experience high levels of stress which can impact their health, relationships, and their college success.

The use of coping strategies, including regular relaxation practice, can decrease the negative impact of stressors and can enhance academic performance.

The MCC-Longview Relaxation Resources are designed to enable students to learn and practice relaxation techniques.

Resources include:

  • Biofeedback software that provides individuals a real-time measure of their heart rate variability (an indicator of physiological stress)
  • Relaxation CDs, and audio programs. Try one of our own:
  • Printed and web materials on topics such as stress, relaxation, wellness.

For additional assistance regarding stress management and related topics (e.g., test or speech anxiety), please contact the Counseling Center at 816.604.1000 or visit the Counseling office in Campus Center, room 210.

Relaxation Resources

Managing Test Anxiety (PDF)
Strategies to Cope with Stress (PDF)
General Guidelines to Practice Self Relaxation (PDF)

Last Modified: 2/7/13