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General Resources in Critical Thinking:

There are several resources on the Web which are very general in nature. These resources in and of themselves are not all that helpful to a specific discipline, but they do provide links to other resources of use and will be a good starting point for those who are just beginning to think about how Critical Thinking can apply to their discipline. The best place to start will be at the Center for Critical Thinking ( At the University of California at Sonoma.

Another resource will be the bookstore at the ERIC database at the University of Indiana. A word of warning - all you find here are descriptions of books sold by the center and the prices. You might check with the reading or writing lab on your campus to see if they have any copies already. Your college library would also be a good place to look. If you would like to see what the ERIC people have to say, check out the following:

PowerPoint presentations on Critical Thinking:

Thinking about thinking:

Introductory level resources for any Discipline:


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