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Critical Thinking Across the Curriculum Project:

When we constructed this site in 1996, there was very little on the web dealing with Critical Thinking - and most of what was there lacked content which was useful to the educator.  Since then, there has been an explosion of resources and sites on the web, some quite good, and some which are merely a list of links to other resources.  This page is a reference for our project of those who found our resources good enough to establish a link.  We have only included those sites on the web that we can verify - there are undoubtedly many more using our resources who do not have web sites (if my mailbox is any indication!). We periodically conduct a  search for sites which link to ours, but if we missed you, please let us know!

Since this site is maintained with college funding, it would be extremely helpful if you have linked your pages to our resources, or know someone who has, to please let us know! When you link to us, please make sure you list us as:

Critical Thinking across the Curriculum Project, Metropolitan Community College - Longview 

If you would like your entry to read differently than we have listed it, please feel free to let us know. If there are any resources You would like to see but we do not have up yet, just make a request and we will see what we can do.

We are always gratified to hear of those of you who find our resources helpful. Along with the sites listed below, we have also  participated in the LIBERATION project -

LIBraries: Electronic Remote Access To Information Over Networks 

Liberation is funded by the
Telematics Application Programme LB 4063
European Commission DG XIII-E/3, 2920 Luxembourg
Telematics Application - LOGO


The Members of the LIBERATION consortium are:
  • IICM (Institute for Imformation Processing and Computer Supported New Media): TU Graz, Austria
    • Coordinator: Hermann Maurer (
    • Project managers: Robert Stubenrauch (, Helmut Leitner (
    • Administrative managers: Gerhard Pail (, Gabi Leitner (
  • Hallward Library: The University of Nottingham, United Kingdom
    • Contact person: Barbara Vickery (
  • IfI (Institute for Information Processing): University of Freiburg, Germany
    • Contact person: Thomas Ottmann (
    • Technical manager: Matthias Will (
  • University Library: University of Freiburg, Germany
    • Contact person: Hans-Adolf Ruppert (
    • Technical manager: Andreas Wolf (
  • Addison-Wesley-Verlag GmbH: Bonn, Germany
    • Contact person: Reinhold Tokar (
    • Technical manager: Marcus Zens (
  • Bibliographisches Institut & F.A. Brockhaus AG (Duden): Mannheim, Germany
    • Contact person: Christoph Bläsi (
    Sponsoring Partner is:
  • Springer Verlag: Heidelberg, Germany
    • Contact person: Arnoud de Kemp (

 When we discover other Web sites which have established links to our resources, we will let you know about it here so you can visit them as well. Each of these sites are wonderful resources by themselves - and they have good taste!
Our core resources have also been included in the Instructors Manual of the 'SmartPrim' program - a series of computer assisted instruction modules for individual and small group tutoring in critical thinking.  This program is written and distributed by Duldt and Associates, 1564 T-bird Drive, Thunderbird Farms, Front Royal, West Virginia. A table of contents of the lessons included in the program will be put up soon.


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