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3100 NE 83rd St, Ste 2600
Northland Human Services Bldg
Kansas City, MO 64119
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Maple Woods Fitness Center is the place to be. The center is clean, the members friendly, the instructors are very good. I have been a member many years and have enjoyed every minute of it.

- Millie Parsons

I have always been impressed with the friendliness and knowledge of you and your staff. I always look forward to my visit to the gym because of this reason. I am a member of the Community Center (near my home) and although I enjoy my work out time there, the experience at your facility is much more pleasant. I truly credit that to your staff and how the facility is run. Job well done.

- Jeff Seever

As a member of Maple Woods Fitness Center, I have always found it to be a clean, professional place with a friendly staff. I've been so impressed with Snizhana's leadership in the weight class that I attend. She always comes so prepared, demonstrates and explains each exercise, and watches our progress. She then evaluates each of us, gently correcting our moves, if necessary. All of this is done with a smile, great sense of humor, and beautiful accent. At the end of the class she compliments our efforts, making it easy to want to return.

- Ann Nelson

We have always been treated as family. Each fitness instructor knows us by first name. Each one has always been very knowledgeable and available to assist us in any concerns of workouts and related fitness questions. Anyone can purchase equipment for a weight room facility. But the personnel who run the facility make all the difference. We have been very pleased with our experiences and new friendships we have fostered. We would recommend the Maple Woods Fitness Center to any friend or acquaintance.

- Dennis and Sue Krohne

The staff at Maple Woods Fitness Center are great! I knew when Brian set up my workout program and went over it with me that I was in a place that truly cared about members and their results. At 48 years old, it is easy to find a fitness center that patronizes me. Brian never made me feel this way. He is truly professional and motivated to see members get the results they are looking for. If you want to see results, no matter your age, and are ready to make a commitment, this is the place for you.

- Lisa Saint

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy and appreciate Lisa Clark's Thursday Bosu class. She really makes it a fun, fulfilling class and yet very challenging. I wish she could teach 2 classes. I am glad she is here at Maple Woods. She is an outstanding instructor.

- Don Anderson

I can't say enough about the instructors at the Maple Woods Fitness Center - they are the best - always cheerful and ready to help you. If you need a new program or need your program adjusted they do it willingly and are always ready to give good advice. Sheila has been my instructor but if I need help or information when she isn't there the other instructors and staff are always ready to help any way they can. They a a great team. Keep up the good work.

- Marie Kissinger

I started going to the Maple Woods Fitness center when I was diagnosed with a fatty liver a few years ago. After a few months, my liver was fine. The trainers at the fitness center helped me get started on an excercise program and changed my program whenever I asked. They are all very helpful and made me feel welcome. My goal is to stay healthy and to be able to continue exercising up into my older years, like some of the other members at the fitness center. I want to feel young even when I'm 80.

- Mary Beth

Last Modified: 6/20/12