Past Exhibits


Game Over - A Solo Exhibit by Josh Yearout

June 5-July 24

Game Over Sculpture1

Josh Yearout's work encompasses many popular culture references from the 80s and 90s, often reusing and repurposing his favorite television icons. These references become the backbone of his roaming and eclectic nature and influence his physical studio process as well. Yearout uses found objects and alternative materials, many times breaking them down only to build them back up again. Particularly in his paintings, Yearout utilizes heavily layered, covered, cut apart, reassembled processes and at times even paints on both sides of his works creating double-sided paintings.

Game Over Sculpture

Yearout is a studio resident with Imagine That! Kansas City, a creative arts studio for individuals with developmental disabilities located in the Crossroads of Kansas City, Missouri. IT!KC supports individuals by providing the tools and materials necessary for those individuals to create art and the supports necessary for them to define themselves as artists. The studio’s artists are supported by a team of trained artists that strive to integrate the studio into the larger art community. Each artist is encouraged to express themselves through a variety of artistic mediums and is given the opportunity to show and sell their art in a variety of venues.

Imagine That! is a program offered by Resources for Human Development (RHD), a non-profit, human services organization founded in 1970. RHD operates in 15 states and provides a variety of services addressing intellectual and developmental disabilities, behavioral health, homelessness, addiction recovery and more.

Game Over painting 

End of Semester Student Exhibition

April 28-May 3

2014 Student exhibition

The MCC-Longview art department showcases the fantastic work of our students each semester.  Here is a sampling of the works you will see at this semester’s exhibit.


Beginnings and Endings

March 20-April 19, 2014

Beginnings and Endings

We have a terrific group exhibit showcasing the work of five Longview students (Noshaba Bahkt, Brenda Phillips, Tony Harrison, Julie Iseman and Blade Sbisa).

All of the work, in some way, deals with entanglement and the difficulty of finding the origin of a particular/singular meaning.  In addition, the idea of, "beginnings and endings" is put into question as well. Challenging our notions of linear objectives and clearly seen or expected outcomes.

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