18th and Vine Jazz Festival

Contact Info

MCC-Penn Valley Music Department
3201 Southwest Trafficway,
Kansas City, Mo., 64111-22764

Department Coordinator:
Clarence Smith
Science/Technology, room 002-A
Phone: 816.604.4456
Email: Clarence.Smith@mcckc.edu


Registration and Tickets


Click Below For Online Registration.  Best way to insure a slot.


Upon completion of online registration, you will receive an invoice.


Hard copy registration is below can beemailed toClarence.Smith@mcckc.edu

Hard Copy Registration 

MCC – Penn Valley 18th & Vine Jazz Festival
Entry deadline is Monday, April 1, 2016. Space is limited – we encourage a prompt reply.
Director’s Name ___________________________________________________
Email address _____________________________________________________
Phone  ___________________________________________________________
Name of School ____________________________________________________
School Mailing Address ______________________________________________
City, State, Zip Code ________________________________________________
Date preference:  April 14___  April 15 ___   April 16___    
Level: College ___            High School ___              Middle School/Jr. High ___
Number of groups participating:      Big Band_____       Combo ____       
Band Entry Fee: $200 per ensemble                                                                 

Total Participation Fees                                                                   $  _________

Concert Tickets

Joshua Redman and Bad Plus Tickets (Sat. April 16)

# ___________x $20.00 =                                                                 $__________

Blue Room Tickets (Fri. April 15) (TBA)

#__________x$10.00 =                                                                    $__________

Blue Room Tickets (Sat. April 16) (TBA)

#__________x$10.00 =                                                                    $__________
Mail this form with your check or purchase order to:
MCC – Penn Valley Campus
3201 Southwest Trafficway
Kansas City, MO 64111
Mail to Clarence Smith
Make checks payable to MCC-Penn Valley


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