18th and Vine Jazz Festival

Contact Info

MCC-Penn Valley Music Department
3201 Southwest Trafficway,
Kansas City, Mo., 64111-22764

Department Coordinator:
Clarence Smith
Science/Technology, room 002-A
Phone: 816.604.4456
Email: Clarence.Smith@mcckc.edu


Registration and Tickets


Online registration will be available very soon.

To register your school band or group, contact Clarence Smith at 816.604.4456. or email him at Clarence.Smith@mcckc.edu

Festival Fees

The fee for all groups (big band or combo) are $200.

Concert and Museum Ticket Information

Blue Room Performances: Thursday, April 16, and Friday, April 17
Features local and national artists.
Tickets are $10 for festival participants.

Penn Valley Jazz Ensemble: Friday, April 17.

Special Guest Artist - Vibraphonist, Joe Locke will perform at The Gem Theater on April 18, 8:00 p.m.  joelocke.com

American Jazz Museum: Single day admission is $10 for students. Tickets also include admission to The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.

Additional information for groups

—Backline will be provided including piano, bass, and guitar amps. A Drum set is also included.

—Drummers: a drumset will be provided, however, schools are REQUIRED to bring their own cymbals. Please for not bring your own drums. Call or email with any questions or special requests and we will do out best to accommodate.

Critique: Students will receive written and/or recorded comments from at at least two adjudicators.

—Students/bands will also receive a clinic with one of the adjudicators following the performance. This clinic will also be video recorded.

—Outstanding Musicianship Certificates and Soloist Awards will be selected by festival adjudicators.

Confirmation of application will be sent along with repertoire list, performance time and stage setup forms. Confirmation and performance time will be provided to the first paid applicants.

Applications MUST BE RECEIVED BY April 1, 2015. Space is limited and bands that cancel will not receive a refund.

Last Modified: 9/15/14