18th and Vine Jazz Festival

Contact Info

MCC-Penn Valley Music Department
3201 Southwest Trafficway,
Kansas City, Mo., 64111-22764

Department Coordinator:
Clarence Smith
Science/Technology, room 002-A
Phone: 816.604.4456
Email: Clarence.Smith@mcckc.edu


Registration and Tickets


Online registration will be available very soon

Hard copy registration is below

To register your school band or group, contact Clarence Smith at 816.604.4456. or email him at Clarence.Smith@mcckc.edu

Festival Fees

The fee for all groups (big band or combo) are $200

Concert and Museum Ticket Information

Blue RoomApril 14, and April 15.  TBA - Features local and national artists            

                     Tickets are $10 for festival participants, staff and chaperones

Gem Theater - April 15, 5:00 p.m. Penn Valley Jazz Ensemble - Free

                         April 16, 8:00 p.m. Joshua Redman with The Bad Plus                  

American Jazz Museum: Working out details

Hard Copy Registration 

MCC – Penn Valley 18th & Vine Jazz Festival

Entry deadline is Monday, April 1, 2016. Space is limited – we encourage a prompt reply.


Director’s Name ___________________________________________________


Email address _____________________________________________________


Phone  ___________________________________________________________


Name of School ____________________________________________________


School Mailing Address ______________________________________________


City, State, Zip Code ________________________________________________


Date preference:  April 14___  April 15 ___   April 16___     No. of players _______


Level: College ___            High School ___              Middle School/Jr. High ___


Number of groups participating:      Big Band_____       Combo ____        


Festival Fees & Concert Tickets


Band Entry Fee: $200                                                                      $  _________


Joe Locke Concert  Tickets  # ___________x $20.00 =                       $__________


Blue Room Tickets  #__________x$10.00 =                                       $__________







Mail this form with your check or purchase order to:

MCC – Penn Valley Campus

3201 Southwest Trafficway

Kansas City, MO 64111

Mail to Clarence Smith


Make checks payable to MCC-Penn Valley


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