Metropolitan Jazz Workshop - Kansas City

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MCC-Penn Valley Music Department
3201 Southwest Trafficway,
Kansas City, Mo., 64111-22764

Department Coordinator:
Clarence Smith
Science/Technology, room 002-A
Phone: 816.604.4456




The Metropolitan Jazz Workshop (MJW) preserves and promotes Kansas City’s jazz heritage by providing students with an opportunity to study, learn and perform jazz – America’s greatest gift to the world of art.


The mission of the Metropolitan Jazz Workshop will be achieved by:

  • Teaching students the knowledge and skills needed to excel in jazz improvisation and composition.
  • Teaching students the various styles of jazz and jazz theory.
  • Teaching students the history of jazz and the masters who created it.
  • Providing students with opportunities to practice and perform jazz in both big bands and small combos.

Snapshot of the Curriculum 

All students will participate weekly in a traditional jazz ensemble (big band) and a combo. Students will also meet occasionally in small groups for listening, history and sectionals. As noted above, musicians participating in MJW-KC will enjoy and benefit from the program’s collaboration with the renowned The American Jazz Museum.

MJW is already receiving opportunities to performances throughout the area. Students and parents will be informed of additional performance dates as soon as details are confirmed.

Tuition and enrollment

Tuition is $450 per semester and can be paid up front in full, or $90 per month. The tuition may be paid by cash, check or credit card.

Tuition for the summer semester is $200.

Fall enrollment and auditions will take place on the morning of September 5, 2015. 9:30-11:00

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