Student Services

Student Services

Metropolitan Community College strives to ensure the success of every student that enrolls here. That is why each campus offers a number of services – many of which are free – to help students succeed in and out of the classroom.

Bookstore – Each campus offers a full-service bookstore for students to purchase and sell back their textbooks and pick up a few supplies for class.

Child Care Centers – Both our Penn Valley and Maple Woods campuses offer childcare services.

Counseling Services –Students at MCC can take advantage of a number of free counseling services that help with stress relief, college transitional help and much more.

Career Centers – Looking for a job or your next great career opportunity? MCC Students can take advantage of the career placement and resume services offered by our Career Centers.

Fitness Centers – Stay in shape or just blow off a little steam at one of our three fitness centers at the Penn Valley, Blue River or Longview Campuses.

Food Service – Full-service cafeterias and dining options are available at our Blue River, Penn Valley, Longview and Maple Woods campuses.

Learning Centers – Each campus offers a full range of tutoring and homework assistance programs. As an MCC student, these programs are completely free.

Libraries – MCC’s full-service research libraries are equipped to help with an project or reading need. As a student, you will receive free membership to use the library.

MCC Alert – Safety and security is important to MCC. That is why we encourage students to sign up for this texting service that will alert students to emergencies on campus when in climate weather might cancel classes.

Although these services are offered at each campus year-round, be sure to check each service website for hours and availability.

Last Modified: 10/9/12