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Tuition and Fees

IRS Form 1098-T

What is the 1098-T?

The 1098-T is a tax form that colleges and universities are required to furnish the student to assist them in determining their eligibility for the Hope, American Opportunity and Lifetime Learning Credits or the Tuition and Fees Deduction. See IRS website, Tax Benefits for Education: Information Center for more details.

What is MCC's Federal Tax Identification Number (TIN)?

MCC's TIN is 430813703. This number is included on Form 1098-T in the box labeled FILER'S Federal identification no.

When is MCC mailing the 1098-T form?

The 1098-T forms will be mailed no later than January 31 to all students who have had qualified tuition and fee activity during the prior calendar year.

To what address is the 1098-T sent?

1098-T forms are sent to the mailing address MCC has on file for each student.

How can I update my address with MCC?

You can update your address online in your Student Center through myMCCKC at

Why did I not receive a 1098-T form?

Institutions are not required to send a 1098-T to a student.

  • Who is a nonresident alien
  • Who is only enrolled in noncredit courses
  • Whose qualified tuition and fees are waived
  • Whose qualified tuition and fees are paid by a formal billing arrangement

What are qualified tuition and fee expenses?

Qualified tuition and fees are tuition and fees a student must pay to be enrolled in an eligible educational institution. Qualified education expenses do not include amounts paid for:

  • Room and board, insurance, medical expenses (including student health fees), transportation, or other similar personal living or family expenses.
  • Course related books, supplies, equipment and non academic activities, except for fees required to be paid to the institution as a condition of enrollment or attendance.
  • Any course or other educational expense involving sports, games or hobbies unless the course or other education is part of the student's degree program.

How has the American Opportunity Credit affected 'qualified education expenses'?

The American Opportunity Tax Credit has expanded the definition of qualified expenses to include expenditures for 'required course materials'. See American Opportunity Credit on the IRS.Gov website for greater detail.

What do I do with the 1098-T?

Keep it for your records. You are not required to attach it to your tax return since MCC furnishes a copy to the IRS. The information on the 1098-T will help you determine if you can claim an education credit or a tuition deduction.

Can I print a copy of my 1098-T online?

Yes. You can print your 1098-T online in your Student Center through myMCCKC at Go to Student Center > Finances > Other Financial . . .> 1098-T Detail.

Can I get a copy of my account activity?

Yes. This is available in your Student Center through myMCCKC at Go to Student Center > Finances > My Account > View Student Account Report. You may also obtain a copy from a Campus Business Office or call the MCC 1098-T Hotline 816.604.1508.

What if there is an error on my 1098-T?

Call the MCC 1098-T Hotline 816.604.1508 and leave a message, clearly enunciating your name and student id as well as your problem.

Where can I obtain additional information regarding the 1098-T?

Questions concerning the tax credits and tuition deduction may be directed to your tax advisor or your local IRS office. More detailed information is also available at the following websites

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Tuition and Fees

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