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Scholarship name
K-State Out-of-State Transfer Scholarships
K-State Out-of-State Transfer Scholarships
Transfer Heritage Scholarship:(TL)

  • Awarded to students with a minimum 3.0 transfer GPA on at least 24 hours of college credit.
  • One parent must have graduated from K-State. Eligible students receive $8,000 per year for up to three years. Renewable with a 3.0 K-State GPA. Available only to out of state students.

Purple and White Scholarship:(TP)
Eligible students receive $8,000 per year, renewable for 42years with a 3.5 K-State GPA.

Number of awards
Application processApply by February 1 for scholarships at:

Questions? Contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance at

To be considered for scholarships, students must be admitted.
Application URL
Award amount$8,000/year
Minimum age
Gender requirement
Ethnic Origin Requirement
Citizenship requirement
Residency requirement
Must be a transfer student
Must be currently enrolled
State in which enrolled
Must graduate by this date
Demonstrated financial need
Primary financial responsibility
Current grade level
Max. college hours earned
Min. rank in HS or ACT/SAT test               Min. ACT Score:                Min. SAT Score:
Highest education level allowed
Vocation requirement