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Visiting Students

In addition, enrollment offices are open until 7:00 pm, every Tuesday & Wednesday to support students needing enrollment assistance.

E-mail your questions to admissions.

MCC At a Glance

Founded 1915

5 Campuses in the Greater Kansas City Area

120+ associate degree and certificate programs

Over 16,500 students enrolled

About 40% of students are a minority

24.3 is the average student age

Over 1,200 students use the Missouri A+ scholarship program

Over $32 Million in grants and scholarships MCC students collectively received

242 full-time faculty members

updated Fall 2018

MCC welcomes many visiting students each year.  Our low tuition rates and accessible campus locations make it easy for students at other colleges to earn credit that can be transferred back to their home college.  Before applying to MCC as a visiting student, make sure you have read and understand these steps: 

What is a visiting student?

You're a visiting student if both of these statements are true:

  1. You're enrolled at another college or institution as a degree-seeking student.
  2. You plan to take classes at MCC for one term and transfer the credit to your home college or institution.


Access to financial aid services (including A+) is not available to visiting students.

As a visiting student, it is your responsibility to speak with your home institution about how MCC credits will transfer back to that college.

Should you decide you'd like to pursue a degree from MCC, you will need to re-apply for admission as a transfer student.

Steps to apply:

  1. Fill out an application for admission to MCC.
    • When selecting your "admit type" choose option 4 - "visiting from another college and will return".
    • Under "What is your primary goal while at MCC?", select "Take classes and then transfer".
    • Make sure to include a valid email address in the application so that you can be notified when the application has been processed.
  2. After receiving the email verifying that your application has been processed, follow instructions in the email to create a password and log into your myMCCKC student account.
  3. Send your transcript from your home school to assist in placement and in meeting prerequisites. 
  4. Be sure to review the prerequisite requirements for the classes you want to take. It's important you have the knowledge required to successfully complete your courses.
  5. Follow steps 4 and 5 on the MCC Get Started page to enroll in classes, pay tuition, purchase books, and attend classes.  
  6. Upon completion of classes, log into your myMCCKC account and use the "official transcript" option to transfer your MCC credits to your home college. 
Last Modified: 7/30/19