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The skills gap is real (1), and finding the right fit for in-demand roles is hitting the Kansas City economy (1). Metropolitan Community College has developed a modern registered apprenticeship (2) program designed to meet the needs of your changing industry.

The MCC Apprenticeship Department has multiple resources for apprentices; we can help start a new apprenticeship program, help manage an existing apprenticeship program, and offer resources for people who have been through an apprenticeship program. By developing customized on-the-job training and paralleled coursework designed to meet business needs, apprentices will increasingly be equipped with the skills necessary for retained employment starting day one!

Did You Know?

For every dollar spent on an apprentice, employers see an average $1.47 in increased productivity.
- Department of Labor Office of Apprenticeships, 2017

Apprenticeship DiagramFocused on Your Business

A modern registered apprenticeship is a win-win-win matrix for employers, apprentices and the economy:

  • Win for Business! Grow long-term talent by starting right away.
  • Win for Students! Reduce the student debt crises with quality education.
  • Win for Kansas City! Reduce the skills gap and help grow the economy.

Sector Based Strategies

Metropolitan Community College can help develop and manage a modern registered apprenticeship program in multiple industry sectors including: healthcare, advanced manufacturing, agriculture, fire and police science, construction and many more.

Our program management allows you to focus on employee success and make the most of your training program dollars.

  • On-the-job training, customized to your needs
  • Coursework taught by skilled instructors – college credit or continuing education
  • Train the trainer programming
  • Quality textbooks, delivered to your facility
  • Quality, state-of-the-art training facilities and labs
  • Approved testing facilities and free tutoring
  • Easy cost structure and program management

Focused on Your Employee

A trained workforce benefits the entire industry (3). Investing in your employees can build a long-term relationship that directly translates to decreased turnover and increased efficiency and profit (4).

Apprentices who complete our program receive:

  • Certificate of a Federally Approved Apprenticeship
  • Degree and/or certificate, all debt free
  • Industry-related certifications and testing
  • Minimum wage or better, increases with skill

Youth Apprenticeship

Scouts looking for the most talented baseball players go to great lengths to recruit the best. They aim to persuade players, and also the players’ parents, that they offer the greatest opportunities. Kansas City can learn from this model, creating a first-of-its-kind “high skill scouting program.” Businesses can use Registered Youth Apprenticeships (5) to offer students work-based learning and a debt-free education that can lead to a bachelor’s degree.

Additional resources


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