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In Case of Emergency: Dial 911

Contact Info

MCC Police Department
Campus Phone: 1200
Other Phone: 816.604.1200
Non-Emergencies: 816.604.1111

City Police Department: 911

Fire Department: 911

Ambulance: 911

Environmental Health & Safety
SDS for Emergencies contact
604.1124 or 604.1370

HAZMAT Response:

NOTE: Respiratory protection should not be worn during any spill cleanup. If respiratory protection is required, then MCC will contract the cleanup.

In the event of a spill which:

  • Involves a type or quantity of a chemical that does not pose an immediate risk to health;
  • Does not involve chemical contamination to the body;
  • Is less than 1 gallon;
  • Is not very toxic; or
  • Does not pose a fire hazard

Leave Spill Area.

  • Evacuate¬†employees and students from the immediate spill area and/or room.
  • If possible, eliminate any fire hazard especially if spill is flammable or combustible - turn off burners, electrical equipment, etc.

Contact the MCC police department at 816.604.1200.

  • Block off immediate spill area - close corridor doors, use lab carts, wastebaskets, etc. until MCC Police arrive.
  • Alert others in adjacent areas of the chemical spill.

Instructors shall account for all students.

  • Students may be released after all have been accounted for, students may be released.

Events that do not require extra response activities do not require notification of MCC police. A simple splash on hands can be cleaned with soap and water.

Police Facilities
  1. Identify an incident commander (IC). Assist in the evacuation of the building and secure the area.
  2. Notify facilities to shut off all HVAC to building.
  3. Notify MCC Risk & Compliance Manager at 816-604-1124. (If necessary, she will contact HAZMAT Response, Inc. If she is not available, then the IC can contact HAZMAT Response at 1-800-229-5252.)
  4. Contact the campus administrator about the incident.
  5. Secure the area. Block off immediate spill area - close corridor doors, use lab carts, wastebaskets, etc.
  6. Post guard or sign, "Spill Area - Keep Out".
  7. Alert others in adjacent areas of a chemical spill.
  1. Shut off all HVAC to building.
  2. Bring the spill supplies to the spill location and follow the clean-up procedures based upon the contents of the spill.
  3. Access the MCC Chemical Hazard Communication inventory and print off what materials are in the building in that area and in adjoining areas/rooms.

If the accident involves personal injury or chemical contamination:

  1. Move the victim from the immediate area of fire, explosion, or spill (if this can be done without further injury to the victim or you). Using PPE to limit the rescuers possibility of being contaminated with the same material.
  2. Locate nearest emergency eyewash or safety shower. Remove any contaminated clothing from the victim and flush all areas of the body contacted by chemicals with copious amounts of water for 15 minutes.
  3. Administer first aid as appropriate and seek medical attention, if needed.
  4. Complete an incident report.