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In Case of Emergency: Dial 911

Contact Info

MCC Police Department
Campus Phone: 1200
Other Phone: 816.604.1200
Non-Emergencies: 816.604.1111

City Police Department: 911

Fire Department: 911

Ambulance: 911

Environmental Health & Safety
SDS for Emergencies contact
604.1124 or 604.1370

HAZMAT Response:

MCC employees and students need to be aware of the proper steps to take in the event of a hazardous material spill at an MCC facility. In some instances, a spill can be contained and dealt with using MCC resources, but in other cases specially trained external resources will be required.


Major Spill – Any spill that involves the release of a type or quantity of chemical that poses an immediate threat to health; release of radiation; or an uncontrolled fire or explosion.

In the event of a major spill, the following steps should be taken:

All Personnel and Students

  • In the case of serious injury or life-threatening situations, call 911 immediately.
  • Immediately warn potentially affected persons (students, instructors, staff, etc.) in the immediate area of the spill and evacuate the spill area.
  • If the spill material is combustible, turn off open flames and sources of ignition.
  • If possible, seal off the spill area by closing doors.
  • Take appropriate steps to prevent people from evacuating through or entering the contaminated area.
  • Call the MCC police department at 816.604.1200 to report the spill, providing as much information as possible about the name and quantity of the hazardous material.
  • Do not attempt to clean up the spill.
  • If building evacuation is necessary, follow the same evacuation procedures as for fire emergencies.
  • Report the location of any disabled individuals to police, fire personnel, and emergency medical personnel if needed.  
  • Anyone contaminated by the spill should wash off the contamination by flushing with water and remain in the vicinity until the arrival of trained emergency personnel.

MCC Police Department

  • Respond immediately, assess threats and take appropriate action per established police procedures, including notifying the environmental health and safety manager for MCC.
  • Notify the campus president and chancellor’s office
  • Coordinate with appropriate external law enforcement and public safety agencies responding to assist in the incident.

Campus President

  • Activate your campus unified incident command team to ensure safe and comprehensive response actions are taken to preserve life and property, and that appropriate information is being reported and shared in a timely manner.
  • If the campus administration building is impacted by the spill, initiate the appropriate level of evacuation and proceed to the pre-designated alternate campus command post if necessary.
  • Remain on-scene and assist police, fire personnel or other external responders.
  • Oversee injury and damage assessment effort for the campus.
  • Participate in the chancellor’s unified command.
  • Develop a comprehensive report to the chancellor regarding any injuries or fatalities.

All Managers/Supervisors/Division Chairs

  • Ensure all persons within your respective chain-of-command or physical area comply with the hazardous spill protocols.
  • Do not allow re-entry into the spill area until cleared to do so by the MCC police department.
  • Report the location of any disabled individuals to police, fire personnel, and emergency medical personnel if needed.  

Classroom Instructors

  • Upon notification of a hazardous spill, instruct students to follow the recommended hazardous spill protocols.
  • If possible, eliminate any fire hazards in the spill area by turning off burners, electrical equipment, etc.
  • Immediately notify the MCC police department of hazardous spills at 816.604.1200.
  • Any potential life-threatening situation should be immediately reported to 911.
  • Report the location of any disabled individuals to police, fire personnel, and emergency medical personnel if needed.
  • For spills within classrooms, doors should be closed but not locked, and re-entry to the classroom should not be made until cleared to do so by the MCC police department.

Facilities Supervisor

  • Shut down ventilation systems to the affected part of the building.
  • Participate in the campus president’s unified command structure.
  • Access the MCC chemical materials inventory and create a copy of the current materials inventory for fire personnel.

After the above steps have been taken for major spills and for information regarding minor spills, personnel should refer to MCC Hazardous Material Spill Response Guide for further instructions.

For procedures for the disposal of hazardous waste see Hazardous Waste Disposal Guide.