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In Case of Emergency: Dial 911

Contact Info

MCC Police Department
Campus Phone: 1200
Other Phone: 816.604.1200
Non-Emergencies: 816.604.1111

City Police Department: 911

Fire Department: 911

Ambulance: 911

Environmental Health & Safety
SDS for Emergencies contact
604.1124 or 604.1370

HAZMAT Response:

MCC will follow the National Response Framework (NRF) guidelines and use the National Incident Management System (NIMS) for emergencies exceeding the capacity of the college and requiring external public safety assistance. All MCC staff, faculty and administrators should familiarize themselves with NRF and NIMS guidelines and concepts. Extensive on-line instruction is also available at this website.

In major emergency incidents, MCC will use a unified command structure consisting of the police chief, director of facilities and campus police officers, with the chancellor serving as overall incident commander. At the campus level, a unified command structure consisting of the appropriate members of the president's leadership team, the campus police captain and the facilities superintendent will be used, with each president serving as incident commander for their campus. Emergency Call List (link) should be used to facilitate the unified command structure at each campus.

For major protracted emergencies or situations impacting the Administrative Center, the chancellor may activate the unified command structure in the emergency operation center located at the MCC police department. Every campus president should establish an alternate emergency command post from which to conduct the campus unified command structure in instances when the president's office or campus administration center is inoperable.

In all cases, the primary public information officer for MCC will be the associate vice chancellor of college and community relations, who may, in consultation with the chancellor or the chancellor's unified command structure, delegate this responsibility to campus presidents or other personnel on a case-by-case basis.

MCC's integrated fire alarm system includes an intelligent notification system. It provides a means for pre-recorded messages to be announced at a single building, the entire MCC District, or at specific campuses during fire, storm, or lockdown or other emergency situations. The messages can either be initiated at an individual campus or at the Campus Police Department Control Center.

Located throughout each campus facility, are evacuation maps showing the location of the FEMA Storm Shelters and the evacuation routes to use in the event of severe weather, tornado or fire. The evacuation maps include contact numbers for the Campus Police Department at each campus.

Each campus conducts annual emergency tests of the integrated fire alarm system along with other drills, exercises, appropriate follow-through activities, and/or information sessions in order to assess and evaluate the Emergency Response Plan and its capabilities regarding emergency response, notification and evacuation procedures. Each test conducted is documented with a description of the test, the date held, the beginning and ending time, and whether it was an announced or unannounced test. All documentation regarding emergency tests is retained for a period of seven (7) years.