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Police Department

Bomb Threat, Suspicious Package and Chemical/Biological Threat Response

From a Campus Phone:

1200 - For MCC Police Department

911 - For local emergency responders

1111 - For Non-Emergencies

From Another Phone:

For MCC Police Department

911 - For Local Emergency Responders

For Non-Emergencies

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MCC PD (1200) should ALWAYS BE CALLED FIRST. MCCPD dispatch will likely answer faster and our officers are already on-scene.

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Reporting Procedures

If you receive a bomb threat, by phone or in written format, or if you discover a suspicious package get as much information as you can and call the MCC Police Department 816.604.1200, from a campus phone ext. 1200 and then call 911 as soon as possible. Do not touch suspicious packages.

Any threat or use of an explosive device, a biological agent or a chemical agent as a weapon is a federal crime and will be investigated by the police and the FBI.

Recognize Suspicious Letters, Packages and Objects

Biological and chemical threats can be made by phone but typically arrive in the form of letters, some of which contain a powdery substance or an oily substance. Others contain no substances at all. There is little risk of infection resulting from exposure to a dry form of these agents. However, prudent precautionary steps must be taken.

  1. If the item meets one or more of the following criteria, it may be dangerous:
    1. Letter feels rigid, appears uneven/lopsided
    2. Package or object feels heavier on one side than the other (avoid handling packages that look suspicious)
    3. Unusual odors
    4. Makes noise
    5. Oil stains or wet spots
    6. Excessive amount or no postage, non-canceled postage
    7. No return address, sender unknown
    8. Unusual restricted endorsements, "Personal," "Private"
    9. Addressee normally does not receive personal mail at office
    10. Name/title of addressee not accurate/addressed to a title or position
    11. Address prepared to ensure anonymity of sender
    12. Hand delivered or dropped off for a friend
    13. Foreign mail, air mail, special delivery
    14. Foreign substance inside, powdery
  2. Move away from the item as soon as possible.
  3. Notify MCC Police Dispatch and provide as much information about the item as possible.

Response Procedures

If a threat is made or a suspicious package is reported or discovered on campus, MCC Police will implement their response procedure with other law enforcement agencies as needed. Their response is designed to maximize your safety. Information will be distributed by utilizing the emergency alert notification system.

  1. The situation may be dynamic therefore follow the instructions provided to you via MCC Emergency Alert, law enforcement official or campus emergency coordinator.
  2. Stay where you are until specific instructions to evacuate are provided. Take all your belongings with you unless instructed differently.

Bomb Threat by Telephone

  1. Remain calm and listen closely to remember as much as possible.
  2. Take note of the telephone number from which the call was received.
  3. Keep the caller on the line as long as possible to gather information, such as when the bomb will explode, the bomb's location, the type of explosive device, what will cause the bomb to explode, is there a specific target, and the caller's name and address. If the message was left on voice mail, don't erase it.
  4. From a campus phone, call 1200 (or 816.604.1200 from a cell phone) to alert MCC Police.
  5. Then, call 8911 (or simply 911 from a cell phone) to reach local emergency responders.
  6. MCC Police will decide whether or not to evacuate a work area. Their decision will be communicated quickly to the college community.
  7. Check for, but do not disturb, unusual objects as you leave a classroom or an office. Report any unusual objects to MCC Police.
  8. If evacuation is called for, do not use cell phones or radios within 300 feet of the area.

If You Receive a Bomb Threat in Writing

  1. Save all materials received.
  2. Do not handle unless absolutely necessary. Fingerprints are important to finding the perpetrator.
  3. If a suspicious object is included with the written threat, do not touch it. 
  4. Contact MCC Police Dispatch as soon as possible.

If You Receive a Biological/Chemical Threat by Telephone

  1. Remain calm.
  2. Keep the caller on the line as long as possible.
  3. Try to obtain as much information as possible and then contact MCC Police Dispatch:
    1. What type of chemical or bio agent was/will be used?
    2. What type of delivery system was/will be used?
    3. Has the agent already been released?
    4. When is it set to go off?
    5. Where is the device located?
    6. What does it look like?
    7. How will it be activated?
    8. Is there a specific target?
    9. Why did you pick this facility?
    10. Who placed the device?
    11. What is your name?
    12. Where are you calling from?
    13. What is your address?