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From a Campus Phone:

1200 - For MCC Police Department

911 - For local emergency responders

1111 - For Non-Emergencies

From Another Phone:

For MCC Police Department

911 - For Local Emergency Responders

For Non-Emergencies

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MCC PD (1200) should ALWAYS BE CALLED FIRST. MCCPD dispatch will likely answer faster and our officers are already on-scene.

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In the case of an earthquake and you are indoors, follow the simple formula of Drop, Cover, and Hold On. As the earthquake is occurring:

  1. DROP to the floor
  2. COVER yourself under a sturdy table or desk, or stand in a doorway or room corner. Cover your face and head with your arms
  3. HOLD ON to something sturdy until the shaking stops

Stay away from windows or any other glass objects that could shatter, avoid objects that could fall on you, do not use elevators, and DO NOT attempt to run outside.

If driving, pull off the road, away from buildings and utility poles, and stay in your car.

If outside, drop to the ground, away from buildings, utility poles, and other large objects which could fall on you, and cover your face and head with your arms.

After the earthquake:
  • Be prepared for and expect aftershocks
  • Anticipate that electricity and campus telephone systems will be inoperable
  • Call 911 if possible for injured persons requiring medical treatment
  • Be alert to gas smells, hissing sounds, hazardous material spills and electrical hazards and report them via 911 and the MCC Police Department at 604-1200.
  • Do not use anything electrical (light switch, phone, etc.) near potential gas leaks
  • If possible, evacuate the building after the shaking stops being cognizant of the dangers of falling exterior walls.

Classroom Instructors

At the onset of an obviously dangerous earthquake, classroom instructors will coach all students to follow the protocol of Drop, Cover and Hold. Instructors should make every effort to assist those students needing special assistance.