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Resume and Cover Letter Assistance


A resume is an essential tool for any job search. Your resume’s job is to move you to the next step in the job-search process—the interview. Although a lot of time, effort, and thought has gone into cracking the secret, there is no “perfect” resume. There are some general guidelines, however, that everyone should follow:

  • Your resume should be skills and results-based.
  • Use action verbs to describe your qualifications and accomplishments.
  • Don’t write your resume in the first person.
  • Your resume should be one to two pages.
  • Tailor your resume to the position to which you are applying.
  • Proofread your resume and ask a professional to proofread it too.  You should not have any typographical or grammatical errors.
  • Have accurate information on your resume.
  • List references on a separate page.
  • Don’t include unrelated personal information (photo, marital status, social security number) on your resume.
  • Employment history should include five to ten years of employment unless what you did 12-15 years previously relates to the position to which you are applying.

Cover Letter

Your cover letter is an essential piece of the application process. The purpose of the cover letter is to introduce yourself to the employer. It also gives you the chance to show your personality, passion, and interest in the company. It also allows the employer to see your written communication abilities and attention to detail.

  • Your cover letter should be one page that is written and gives a clear message to enhance your resume.
  • It should be well written without any typographical or grammatical errors and in the correct business format.
  • Ask yourself, what is the reader learning from my letter?
  • Your cover letter should include three sections:
    • 1st paragraph – the position you are applying for, and something about the organization and why you are interested in working for them.
    • 2nd paragraph – why you are the qualified candidate by matching some of your qualifications or education to the job description.
    • 3rd paragraph – closing statement, using a few sentences about your career goal and how this company fits within that path. Politely ask for the interview and thank the reader for his time.

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