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MCC-Maple Woods
Campus Life and Leadership
Student Center 130

The Office of Campus Life and Leadership makes getting involved easy. You can get involved in a variety of activities, organizations, and opportunities! Making these connections can enhance and complement your scholastic experience and success.

Listed below are just a few of the clubs and organizations active at MCC-Maple Woods. If you don't see something you like, you can start your own club! Stop by the office to find out how.

MCC-Maple Woods Ambassadors

Ambassadors are the face of MCC-Maple Woods! Based out of the Admissions Office, Ambassadors are current student leaders who are enthusiastic, ambitious, and passionate about helping prospective students on their journey to MCC-Maple Woods. Through tours and events their mission is to help students make an informed decision about college by making them feel welcome on campus, highlighting what MCC campus life and services can offer and provide them with a better understanding of the college experience.

Advisor: Jessica Booth | 816.604.3165

American Sign Language Club

The mission of MCC- Maple Woods American Sign Language Club is to provide an outlet for students to participate in community service and give back to their campus and community. While doing so, creating friendships and networks with others.

Advisor: Sonia Torres

Anime Club

The Anime Club! is for creative students who like to watch/read/talk about/maybe even make anime and manga.

Advisor: Carlos Bass | 816.604.3226

Art Club

Art Club serves as a creative outlet for students to raise awareness and promote the arts within our campus and surrounding communities.

Advisor: Carlos Bass | 816.604.3226

MCC-Maple Woods Campus Activities Board (CAB):

CAB provides an opportunity for students to plan, staff and evaluate campus activities. Any enrolled student at Maple Woods can participate with CAB activities or provide suggestions!

Advisor:  Kaitlyn Kelly | 816.604.3013

Chess Club

To teach the basics of chess and prepare for tournaments. Students may receive training in a variety of chess styles such as: bullet, classical, and blitz.

Advisor:  Crystal Moore

Christians on Campus

Christians on Campus is a Christian club that reaches out to students of all walks of life to teach them about Jesus Christ and His message of love and salvation while providing a fun atmosphere and welcoming community for all.  

Sierra Warren | 816.604.3176
Debi Oakes | 816.604.3170


We are creating a welcoming atmosphere to build relationships, lift burdens, and open up questions about Jesus. We will sometimes have food and games + a short message! Come as you are; we can't wait to meet you!

Advisor:  Sydney Bradford

Cycling Club

Cycling Club is for students who are interested in all aspects of bicycling. We meet weekly for safe, organized, group bicycle rides. Riders of all skill levels are welcome - there will be no drops. One of the goals of Cycling Club is to ensure a better commuting experience (facilities, repairs, etc.) for those commuting to campus by methods other than motor vehicles.

Advisor: Chad Montuori | 816.604.3394

Dungeons & Dragons

The Dungeons & Dragons club is dedicated to playing classic tabletop role playing games such as the D&D, Cipher, Pathfinder, and others. Every semester, we play adventures that explore the depths of fantastical worlds, fight their monsters, and claim their treasure for ourselves, all in the comfort of the school's classrooms. We welcome one and all to join our growing community, and each member is willing to teach new people the ropes and laugh along as you eventually roll your first natural.

Advisor: Mike Warren | 816.604.3357

Dreamers Club

Dreamers club is an all-inclusive club focused on giving a voice, bringing awareness, and giving back to marginalized communities. We focus on LGBTQIA+, people of color, disability awareness, mental health awareness, and much more.

Advisor: Chad Montuori | 816.604.3394

Gamers Association

Gamers Association seeks to expand student awareness, interest and skills in gaming technology and careers through projects, campus events and industry. We also aim to increase the awareness of the types of games.

Advisor: Bob Williams | 816.604.3215

Improv Theater Club

Improv Club seeks to offer students a creative outlet with improvised theatre. We play games and perform skits to entertain the community with shows throughout the semester.

Advisor: Daniel Wright | 816.604.3224

Sexuality and Gender Acceptance (SAGA)

SAGA explores issues that encompass all aspects of diversity including social roles, cultural background and sexual orientation. The goal is to provide support for LGBT members and their allies at our school, as well as raise awareness of discriminatory behaviors, actions, and attitudes that affect our community.

Advisor: Jeff Wilt | 816.604.3012

Student Government Association (SGA)

The mission of SGA is to serve as a voice for students, supporting campus clubs and organizations, and acting as an advocate to create a better environment for all at MCC-Maple Woods.

Advisor: Kaitlyn Kelly | 816.604.3319

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)

Phi Theta Kappa is the international honor society of two-year colleges. Students are invited to join after attaining an overall 3.5 GPA in 12 hours of college credit. Active members have opportunities to develop leadership skills, participate in academic enrichment activities, and develop friendships with fellow Phi Theta Kappa members from all over the country. Membership also qualifies students for many transfer scholarships reserved for Phi Theta Kappa members.

Mike Warren | 816.604.3357
Erin Lang | 816.604.3078
Ayanna Bridges | 816.604.3328 

Vet Tech Club

Vet Tech Club promotes professionalism and leadership through the organization of campus, club and community events. Improving the health and well-being of animals through education is a priority.

Joan Gorman | 816.604.3266
Natalie Short | 816.604.3237

The following clubs have been a part of MCC-Maple Woods in the past.  Currently they are not active, but if you are interested starting an organization or a club, and leave your legacy by being a leader, please contact the Campus Life and Leadership Office.

Fostering Optimism Through Awareness

FOTA seeks to provide a positive environment on and off campus by promoting friendship, unity, and creativity. Through support, group activities, events, and community service, our goal is to uplift the individual, campus, and community.

Environmental Club

The Environmental Club is for those who know what we do to the environment has an effect on everything else in our world and want to make a positive impact. We work to clean up the community, help wildlife, and spread awareness on environmental issues.

Last Modified: 1/16/19