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What is Stress?

 Hans Selye, M.D. was considered the world's leading authority on stress, and he defined it as, "the nonspecific response of the body to any demand made upon it". In other words stress is.....

 A Bodily Response

Stress is a bodily response, not something that happens to us. That means you can do something about it; you are not merely a helpless victim of circumstance! No matter what or how big the stressors in your life, you can learn to respond in a less destructive, more positive way. You can be in control!

 Any Change

Stress results from any change in normal routine, anything that forces us to cope with a new situation. The more changes in a short period of time, the greater the response. As we adapt to change, energy demands are made on the body.

 Any Threat

Stress results from any threat, physical or psychological. Even if the mind merely imagines a problem, the body responds as if the threat were real. Determine how to make life happier and more rewarding by taking a healthy attitude toward stress.

 Stress is an everyday fact of life. It is any change that you must adjust to. We usually think of stress as being negative events (illness, injury, death of a loved one), but stress can also be positive (getting a new job, moving, travel, a new baby).

Falling in love can, for some people, be as stressful as falling out of love!

 What is my stress level?

Follow this link to take an Assessment Quiz by to determine your current level of stress.