District Council Charter


The mission of the District Council is to serve as a key collaborator in integrating equity, inclusion, and diversity into all aspects of MCC and its mission. The responsibility lies with every community member and external partner of MCC.


To move forward with urgency and purpose; set the standard for the communities we serve; educate the MCC community about the different forms of racism, discrimination, and other multicultural issues; create a welcoming culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion; provide recommendations to leadership on how we can improve our campus culture to ensure it's inclusive, welcoming, safe and productive for all.


The District Council operates under the oversight of the Office of Institutional Equity and Inclusion, in collaboration with the campus Diversity and Inclusion councils.

Member appointment

Members are selected in consultation with the campus Diversity and Inclusion councils, Faculty Senate, District Staff Council, and the Administrative Association; each group having representation. Other members are selected by the Office of Institutional Equity and Inclusion, consisting of Affinity group leaders, interested internal members, external community members, etc.

Meeting schedule

The District Council will meet on the 1st Friday of the month.

Council members

  • Robin Allen - Admissions Recruiter, MCC-Blue River
  • Dachia Busch - Counseling, Affinity Group Leadership
  • Ashley Cerrentano - English Instructor, MCC-Penn Valley
  • Ayana Dunning - Athletic Director
  • Kim Fernandes -  Director of Student Disability Services, Administrator Association
  • Lesha Gregory - Vice President of Instruction and Student Services
  • Cynthia Heddlesten - Sociology Instructor, Campus Council, MCC-Blue River
  • John Hudson - Admissions Manager, Staff Association
  • Crystal Johnson - History Instructor, MCC-Maple Woods
  • Chris Kelly - Supplier Diversity
  • Diana McElroy - Dean of Student Development and Enrollment, MCC-Longview
  • Katie Reynolds - Instructional Designer, Women's Affinity Group
  • Terrell Tigner - Dean of Student Development and Enrollment, Campus Council, MCC-Maple Woods
  • Tahmeka Thompson - Director of Campus Operations, MCC-Longview, LGBTQ+ Affinity Group
  • Darlene Town - Art Instructor, MCC-Penn Valley
  • Keith Townsend - Faculty Speech and Drama, Campus Council, MCC-Longview