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KPI Scorecard


The current MCC Strategic Plan was adopted in AY 2017-2018, making that the base year for measuring performance under the current administration. In order to establish realistic target goals for selected KPIs, there was a need to conduct a trend analysis of MCC data including the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 academic years. The goal for this year was to develop targets for KPI 1 based upon the trend data for 2017-2019. Each KPI measure is disaggregated by gender, race, and full-time/part-time status to provide a more detailed view of each measure as it relates to specific demographics. The targets have been completed for KPI 1, hence the green indicators on the KPI Scorecard Summary. The KPI Scorecard Summary provides a snapshot of achievement status for each KPI. All data in this report is sourced from MCC’s Office of Institutional Research.

KPI Scorecard

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KPI 1a: Improve student outcomes.

KPI 1b: Improve Fall-to-Spring Persistence.

KPI 1c: Improve Fall-to-Fall Persistence.

KPI 1d: Improve 3-year completion rate.

KPI 1e: Increase the number of students earning 24+ credits in first year (12+ credits for part-time).

KPI 1f: Improve the number of students that transfer to four-year institutions with 30 or more credit hours earned at MCC.

KPI 2: Engage 50% of all personnel in professional development focused on inclusiveness, cultural competence, and equity.

KPI 3: Select an instrument to utilize in baseline inventory of the culture of MCC.

KPI 4: Establish an annual review process through which all college units submit, by January 2018, a plan which is responsive to college priorities for 2018-2019 (institutional effectiveness).

This goal was met. In 2017-2018, we established a foundation for an institutional effectiveness framework. The focus during the 2018-19 year was to ensure that all planning units begin and complete implementing Year 1 Institutional Effectiveness Plans (IEPs). All planning units established their IEPs and will be reporting the results of their IEP goals early in the fall semester. The results of their IEPs will form the basis of continuous improvement in their respective planning units.

KPI 5: Increase the percentage of the operating budget going to instruction by .5% in 2018-2019.

KPI 6: Increase the percentage of the operating budget going to student services by .5% in 2018-2019.

KPI 7: Identify grants and/or external funding opportunities for MCC. (Baseline to be determined by October 15, 2017)

KPI 8: Develop a process that will increase MCC alumni base. (Baseline to be determined by October 15, 2017)

This goal was met. The MCC Foundation has developed a strategy for alumni recruitment and engagement. Based upon the Foundation’s recommended definition of an alumnus — a student who was awarded a credential from the institution — it will now implement the alumni engagement plan and strive to have 30% of those who meet the definition of an alum engaged in some way with the Foundation.

Last Modified: 10/10/19