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Success Stories Table of Contents

Ann Holmes

Ann Holmes

In November 2013, I topped the scales at 300 lbs. I didn’t have any energy, I wasn’t feeling well and I was depressed. I thought about calling my regular doctor but I knew he would tell me I needed to lose weight. I knew I needed to lose weight. Many people around were having weight loss surgery. I wasn’t ready to take this step.

I decided to go to a physician who specializes in weight loss. He put me on a high protein low carb diet and asked me to walk 5000 steps each day. It was winter so getting those steps in was difficult, so I joined Maple Woods Fitness Center. I had an exercise routine developed for me by Marilyn then after a few weeks, Dalena assessed my progress and added on to my workout routine.

I became a regular at the gym-5:30 AM Monday-Friday. I gained new friends who talked me into joining the Body Pump classes, which I love. The weight fell off quickly and I hit my initial goal weight in December 2014. At this point, I turned to Sheila for help on changing from the high protein low carb foods back to the “normal” foods. She offered a class on nutrition which has helped me tremendously. I actually increased my food intake and continued weight loss.

When I started my journey I wore a size 24 and now I wear a size 6. My shirt size was a 3X and now I wear a small. In the beginning it was difficult to complete 5000 steps a day and now I walk at least 20,000 steps each day. The Maple Woods Fitness Center Staff are a constant source of encouragement and assistance with my weight loss journey and I couldn’t be more grateful. Staff has taken time to work with me one on one when I need assistance and I can never thank them enough for all they have done and continue to do for me.


Susie Delgado

Susie Delgado

I met with Sheila on June 10, 2009; to talk about updating my fitness program. After having my body composition measured, and discussing nutrition; I realized I needed to do more than just continue to exercise; I needed to change my eating habits.

My husband Jerry, met with Sheila the next day, and together we started our lifestyle change. We began eating more lean protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates, mainly vegetables.

My family has a history of high cholesterol, so in trying to avoid that, my diet consisted of the standard low fat, high fiber foods. I ate oatmeal for breakfast almost everyday, and usually low fat yogurt, fruit, pretzels and whole wheat bread for lunches and snacks. Most of my protein was limited to dinner, along with starchy carbohydrates like rice, pasta, or potatoes and some vegetables.

What I eat now has changed considerably. I usually eat omelets for breakfast (egg whites and vegetables), and throughout the day, a lot of lean protein like chicken and pork tenderloin, salmon, tuna, cottage cheese, almonds; and vegetables with every meal. Spinach, broccoli, celery and carrots are now in the refrigerator at all times! I do use whey protein in drinks, to supplement my protein. Instead of 3 meals a day, I try to eat 5 or 6 smaller meals during the day; and I am eating more now than I did when I was on the low fat plan.

My cholesterol had not been too high, and I haven’t seen a great change in my total cholesterol; but there was a drop in my triglycerides, and my HDL did go up 10 points after the nutritional changes I’ve made.

Blood Work Results *
  7/2009 7/2008 7/2007 7/2006
Total Chol. 198 189 202 218
Triglycerides 62 75 77 76
HDL 83 73 72 79
LDL 103 101 114 123
Ratio 2.39 2.52 2.81 2.76

Below are the results of the fitness assessments taken from June-Nov.,2009.

Weight and Body Fat Measurements **
Date Weight Fat Weight Lean Body Mass BMI %
6/10/09 132.2 31.33 100.87 23.7
8/14/09 132.2 31.33 100.87 23.7
11/4/09 120.8 23.31 97.49 19.3

I was amazed at how much of a difference nutrition could have on how you feel, how much energy you have, and on the appearance of your body. I have never been very enthusiastic about exercising; but when I began to loose a little weight, and see muscles start to become more toned, it was pretty exciting! That made continuing to work out that much easier. The only downfall has been all the new clothes I’ve had to buy! Thanks to Sheila, and the rest of the staff, for always answering our food questions and helping me stay on track!


Jerry Delgado

Jerry Delgado

I met with Sheila Juenger on June 11th, 2009 for a Fitness Assessment where Sheila took my initial weight and body fat measurements. During this meeting we discussed my health and fitness goals. Sheila discussed with both my wife and I during our assessments our nutrition that we currently ate at the time. She suggested increasing our protein intake and decreasing our carbohydrates.

After the Fitness Assessment with Sheila, Susie my wife and I start the 30-40-30 program (30% complex Carbohydrates, 40% protein, 30% good fats). I lost several pounds and started feeling more energetic. The best benefit was in July, I had a blood test performed my LDL was still in normal range, but my Triglycerides and HDL were remarkably better. The doctor was very pleased, I still had one issue my liver enzymes were still high.

However, in December I had my liver enzymes re-tested, and for the first time since 1993 not one abnormality was found. My physician stated, “That I was in excellent shape, and whatever I am doing keep it up.” My physician was really happy about my liver and triglycerides levels (trig.), since high triglycerides indicate possible coronary artery disease. This is a family genetic trait that I am particularly concerned with. With the liver it could have been many things wrong, but the enzymes could have been caused by fat buildup around the liver; since I have lowered my body fat and weight it could have reduced or eliminated the problem.

My goal has always been to improve my overall health. Since the early 1990’s I have had abnormal liver functions and cholesterol counts. My father died in 1993 of colon cancer, since then I have been seeing my physician for annual blood work. I have provided most of my results. (Not all shown)

As for myself, I just feel better, healthier, energetic and happy with the way my body is looking for someone of 51 years of age. I never looked like this when I was a teenager, even as an athlete, I was never this healthy…

Blood Work Results *
  7/2009 8/2006 6/2005 12/2002 12/2000 12/1995
Total Chol. 184 168 201 209 175 171
Triglycerides 73 168 106 123 263 114
HDL 62 42 45 42 39 41
LDL 107 88 134 142 83 107
Ratio 2.97 4.00 4.447 4.98 4.49 4.17
Weight and Body Fat Measurements **
Date Weight Fat Weight Lean Body Mass Body Fat %
6/11/09 186.4 36.16 150.2 19.4 %
8/14/09 177.8 28.27 149.23 15.9%
11/4/09 170.4 25.56 144.84 15.0 %

From Skinny Fat to Fit

Sancy Schnack

In February, 2011, my husband, Troy, suggested we check out Maple Wood Fitness Center. He had been talking with Melanie Haskins and was ready to get in shape. I was looking for some place to continue my at home exercises for my bad knees. (I have had a total of 9 knee surgeries since 2002, including a total knee replacement in 2008.)

Maple Woods seemed like a great fit. It was close to home, small in size, very reasonably priced. There were no long-term contracts and included nutrition counseling and customized fitness plans developed by fitness specialists. We joined Maple Woods and started coming after work a few days a week.

Troy immediately scheduled a time to meet with a trainer, but I was sure I knew what to do and would be fine on my own. After a month, I could see that Troy was getting real results but I felt like I was getting no where. I was just getting skinny, not toned or fit. Troy suggested that I meet with a trainer, but to me that would be like admitting that I really didn’t know what I was doing. I finally talked with Brian and he scheduled an appointment for me to meet with Sheila Juenger.

Sheila asked me about my fitness goals and asked about my typical daily diet. She didn’t judge or seem shocked by anything I said, although she smiled when I said I had diet coke and coffee for breakfast and might eat a snack around 10:00 a.m. After we talked for a while, Sheila explained that I was not getting near enough protein and calories in my diet to help me develop lean muscle tissue. She measured my body fat and then proceeded to tell me I was “skinny fat”. Sheila explained that phrase to mean I was skinny, but I was also soft and said that if I didn’t change my eating habits, I could continue to exercise every day for the rest of my life and I would not ever get any stronger, nor build those much desired muscles without the proper nutrition.

Sheila asked me to increase my daily calorie intake and to incorporate 20-22 grams of protein into every meal, 5 times a day (including breakfast). She made suggestions of how to do this with protein shakes, lean meats and yogurt. Sheila also told me to cut down on the number of carbs I had at each meal, and if I was getting enough protein, my body would not crave the carbs as much.

A few days later, I had my newly created fitness program in hand and Brian met with me on 4 separate occasions to go over each exercise, to make sure I was doing them correctly. My initial goal was to get into a string bikini by summer, my long term goal is to be fit and pain free.

I not only achieved my short term goal of wearing a bikini to the pool, but I have dropped from a size 10 to a size 6 without losing weight on the scale. My lean muscle mass has increased by 5 pounds and I have decreased my body fat from 22.1% to 20.1%. I no longer take pain pills and have virtually no pain in my knees.

The staff at Maple Wood Fitness Center has given me the tools to change my life forever.


Enjoy it now, you won't be able to just eat anything when you are older

Troy Schnack

"Enjoy it now, you won't be able to just eat anything and be that skinny when you get older." I clearly remember adults telling me that as a kid. As any kid, I figured they were all wrong and I'd be the one to prove it! After being happily married for 18 years I only proved that eating whatever I wanted, did NOT keep me skinny.

I've been healthy most of my life. Even after reaching 40 I don't take any medications. The only thing I take regularly is a multi-vitamin and the occasional ibuprofen. The only real problem I had was the increasing size of my body I was beginning to notice in pictures. I also began to notice the increasing numbers on my pants sizes when I went to the store, however I just figured it was because most clothing was now made overseas and their sizes just didn't match ours ... you buying that?

I have tried the workout videos, walking, eating healthy (without really knowing what that meant) and other plans. Over the course of 10 years I never got below 200 pounds and never really got under a 38" - 40" waist. It became clear to me, that if I wanted to look better for myself and my wife that something had to change.

I decided we should join a gym. It had to be close so I couldn't use the drive time as an excuse to stay home. Melanie Haskins was a friend and got us the basic information on Maple Woods Fitness Center. This was no "meet and greet" gym so full of people you couldn't get in a workout. This was a clean gym but filled with people of all levels of fitness that were there to work.

Knowing myself, I immediately met with a trainer, Dalena Bologna, and informed her that I needed someone to push me for the first four weeks or I would just quit again. The solution was a one hour session once a week. This helped Dalena to evaluate my current condition and pushed me to work out the other days so that I could show her improvement. Dalena then provided me with a custom workout schedule and explained the "real" way to eat healthy.

Whenever I run out of ideas I can always ask any staff member at Maple Woods for help with a new exercise, stretching techniques or new ideas on how to get the right mix of protein into my diet. I know I didn't believe it when they all told me that if I ate more protein I'd feel too full to snack on junk. I also could not believe that your body shape was 80% diet, 10% exercise and 10% genetics. Once again, I proved that I was wrong and THEY were right. It is amazing how much better I feel and I've cracked the 200 lbs mark. After three months I went from 210 lbs to 185 lbs and dropped from a 40" waist to a 36" waist. I even had to buy new dress shirts because my old ones were just too baggy around my waist line.

The BEST things about Maple Woods Fitness Center is that they provide the full package of diet and exercise counseling, the ongoing support from the staff and the feeling when your friends comment on how great you look and how much better both my wife and I feel about ourselves. We look better than we have in years, and that makes our life HOTTER than EVER!


Debbie Tucker

Debbie Tucker

I've been a member at Maple Woods Fitness Center for the past two and a half years. I've consistently attended the 5:30AM aerobics classes, but only recently has everything clicked into place.

In November, I met with Dalena Bologna and had an assessment. I learned my Body Fat landed my in the "poor" category-second to last. I received tips from Dalena on increasing lean protein into my diet, and overall food and exercise tips.

I made it through the holidays with no gains or losses. In mid-January, I hit my highest weight-and lowest point. I met with Dalena again and she told me how it was. She asked me to face what I was really many calories a day, how many carbohydrates, and how many grams of protein. She encouraged me to write it down and keep track. It wasn't easy to do. Once I did, I was amazed at how many calories and how much food I was consuming.

I have kept paying attention to what I eat and have tried to add more lean protein, including a protein shake right after a workout. Thanks again to suggestions by Dalena. I changed up my workout. She designed workouts for me to complete at the gym and at home.

My most recent assessment results were encouraging. My Body Fat decreased by three percent, moving me to the "fair" category. I've lost 15 pounds and gone down two dress sizes. I plan to continue my hard work with the fantastic people here at Maple Woods Fitness Center.


Mary Beth Hewitt

Mary Beth Hewitt

When I started using the Maple Woods Fitness Center several years ago, I lost some weight just from exercising, but I didn't lose a lot. This last summer, the Fitness Center had put up signs about how nutrition played a bigger role in your health than exercise. I decided to do something about my health at this point because I was about to be put on a 3rd blood pressure medicine because my blood pressure was inching back up. I knew then that I had to do something. I didn't want to have to take 3 pills to control my blood pressure.

I had been going to the Weight Training class with Snizhana and asked to have a program set up by her. She suggested that I increase my protein intake and look at how much starchy carbohydrates I was eating. I didn't take the 3rd pill and changed my eating habits instead. Sure, I had tried other diets in my life before, but this really worked and I think I can stay on this one. I have gone back to my doctor and my blood pressure is down.

I hoping the next time I go I get off one of the two pills I'm taking now for my blood pressure. Low calorie diets and low fat diets weren't working on my blood pressure. This one really did. Of course, you still need to exercise to stay healthy.

In addition I also had knee problems and always used knee supports when I exercised. I don't need them anymore. My knees feel great for two reasons: less weight on them and also carbohydrates can make inflammation worse. I thought for sure I'd have to have knee surgery someday. Now, my muscles are stronger around my knees and I don’t have pain.

I'll turn 60 years old this summer and feel better than I have in a long time. The whole fitness center staff has helped me with nutrition tips and exercise tips. I have almost lost 40 pounds. I now strongly believe that carbs make a big difference in how you feel. It definitely has helped my blood pressure.


* Instructor Note: Regarding blood cholesterol ratios. You can calculate your cholesterol ratio by dividing your HDL (good) cholesterol into your total cholesterol. For example, if you’re total cholesterol is 200 mg/dL and your HDL cholesterol is 50 mg/dL, your cholesterol ratio is 4-to-1. The goal is to keep your cholesterol ratio 4-to-1 or lower. A higher ratio indicates a higher risk of heart disease; a lower ratio indicates a lower risk. An ideal ratio is 3.5:1 as you can see Jerry’s last blood work represented an ideal ratio even though previous total cholesterols were lower. On this date his HDL’s had risen as well as his triglycerides had greatly reduced from the previous measurements.

**Instructor Note: Jerry’s last measurement shows a loss in lean muscle mass since his previous measurement in August. After reviewing his nutrition intake we have determined that he was eating below the recommended calories that he needed. He is now increasing his caloric intake.

Last Modified: 6/29/18