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What is MCC Cares?

Metropolitan Community College (MCC) cares about the health, safety and success of our students and campus community. MCC Cares coordinates existing resources that have been established to promote the health and safety of our community. Many resources fall under the MCC Cares initiative, including MCC’s Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT), Counseling, Disability Support Services, and MCC Police. We are hopeful that a focus on caring for our students will help reduce the stigma often associated with the reporting of concerns. Students seeking assistance might find it helpful to speak with an MCC Counselor.

A common issue facing students is lack of affordable health care. The ability to prioritize one’s physical and mental health is a critical need that impacts all other aspects of life. Information can be found on our Counseling website. Students can also explore options available through the Affordable Care Act. 

What Should I Do?

If you are concerned about someone else’s behavior in the campus community, please submit a report. Examples of the types of behaviors to report include:

  • a sharp decline in academic performance
  • disruptive, destructive, aggressive, or violent behavior
  • bullying, stalking, harassment or discrimination, including online
  • dramatic changes in mood, personality, appearance, behavior or weight
  • reports of abuse, domestic violence, or sexual assault
  • disturbing or threatening comments in conversation, e-mail, letters, social media postings or written assignments/presentations
  • appearing under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • self-harming behaviors, such as cutting or suicidal ideation or threats
  • paranoia
  • frequently angry/easily frustrated
  • any behavior that violates the MCC Student Code of Conduct

These behaviors, especially when more than one are present, may be signs that a student is in distress. There are many resources available at MCC to help.  Your report can make a difference.

When there is a medical emergency or a person is an immediate threat to self or others, CALL 911 and MCC Police first.

Make a Report?

If you have concerns about a student, submit a report. Please be sure to include as much specific, objective information as you can. The report form provides space to describe the behaviors of concern and to attach any supporting materials (photos, writings, etc.). If you have questions about making a report, you can also consult with your campus Dean of Student Development. 

MCC Cares Report

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can submit an MCC Cares Report?

We encourage all members of the campus community (students, employees, community members or visitors to our campus) to ‘be aware, show you care’.

How do I know if a concern is worthy of an MCC Cares report?
When in doubt, please report. Your reported concerns could be critical as we seek to determine whether an expressed concern is an isolated event or a sign of a more serious issue that requires intervention.

How anonymous/confidential is the reporting process?

When a report is received, we will only know the reporter’s identity if this information is included in his/her report. Reporters can remain anonymous; however, this limits our ability to investigate and intervene. We do encourage reporters to include their contact information so that if we need additional information or have questions concerning a report, we can gather this information more quickly. While every attempt is made to respect your privacy, there may be situations where the student can deduce who reported the concerns. For information on MCC’s confidential reporting of a sexual assault, discrimination, harassment or other Title IX issues, contact Kim Fernandes at 816.604.1418.

What if the student who has confided in me had asked me not to tell anyone? Won’t I be betraying the student’s trust if I report?

If you are concerned about a student’s behavior and would like to see the student receive assistance, please share your concerns with MCC Cares. We ask that you do not promise confidentiality as you may have to break this promise if a student’s well-being is at stake. An acceptable response to this request would be, “I cannot promise total confidentiality, but I do promise that I will only share this information with those who need to know and who can help.” For instances of sexual assault, dating and/or domestic violence, mandatory reporting is required of employees. 

Who has access to the MCC Cares Report when they are submitted?

Reports are accessible to a small team of trained individuals who will review the report and determine next steps.

After a MCC Cares Report is submitted, how quickly will action be taken?

When you submit your report, the team receives electronic notification. Depending on the nature of the concerning behavior, reports will be prioritized. However, not all submissions will warrant immediate response and in some cases no response is warranted at that time.  Generally, reports are monitored during normal business hours.

How do I know if I should complete the MCC Cares Report or contact MCC Police?

Individuals must contact 911 and MCC Police at 816.604.1200 FIRST if the person of concern poses an immediate threat to self or others OR the individual experiences a medical emergency (e.g. seizure, loss of consciousness). The MCC Cares team plays a secondary role to all urgent circumstances and should be contacted only after initial emergency notifications are made. Individuals should follow up during the next business day by completing the MCC Cares Report.

Should MCC employees report to their supervisor or to MCC Cares?

Employees are encouraged to follow the guidelines as set forth by their supervisor when it comes to communication regarding students of concern.  We simply ask that this communication also be shared through the MCC Cares team so that, when appropriate, we can coordinate support for the student in conjunction with the actions of the reporter, supervisor, department chair, and/or dean plan to take.  For information on MCC’s confidential reporting of a sexual assault, discrimination, harassment or other Title IX issues, contact Kim Fernandes at 816.604.1418.


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MCC Cares Report

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