MCC Art Scholarship Fundraising Exhibition
- Call for Artists -

April 2nd to September 30th, 2020

10x10 Art Scholarship Fundraising Exhibition

MCC-Penn Valley's Carter Art Center announces a call for entries for this fall's "10x10" Art Scholarship Fundraising Exhibition. Why the name? Entries are limited to a two-dimensional size of 10 inches by 10 inches, although they can be in any medium. An artist can submit no more than five pieces, and there's an entry fee of $10 per piece. Find entry forms and make payment at Proceeds go to student scholarships. Questions? Email

2020 Student Art Show winners

View 2020 Virtual Student Art Show

See you This friday May 8th 5pm on Zoom

Scholarship Winners for a FREE Art Class in Fall 2020

Maggie Modersohn, Thoughts Of An Art Student, Silkscreen, ART250, Printmaking
Eduardo Ramirez, Still Life, Watercolor Pencils, Art 111, Drawing II
Alison Dunlop-Saunders., Sound Of His Name, Pastel, Art 111, Drawing III
Rumani Payne, Hell Landscape, Mixed Media, Art 171, Ceramics II

Two Artist and Craftsman art supplies Awards:

$100 Artist&Craftsman Gift card: Sally McInerney, Lilles, Ceramic tiles, ART172 Ceramics II
Basket $300 worth of Artist and Craftsman Art Supplies: Susanne Rasch, Rollerblade, Charcoal, ART110 Drawing

Three BLICK art materials Gift cards Awards:

$175 BLICK Gift card: Alison Dunlop-Saunders, Sound Of His Name, Pastel, Art 111, Drawing
$150 BLICK Gift card: Tuan Bui, Silent Water, graphite drawing, ART111 Drawing
$100 BLICK Gift card: Fernanda Martinez, Untitled, graphite, ART110 Drawing

Honorable Mentions

Tuan Bui, Silent Water, graphite drawing, ART111
Jonatan Morales, Untitled, Block Print, ART250 Printmaking

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The mission of the Metropolitan Community College Art Program is to develop students' visual literacy and awareness that art is practiced in a variety of forms within different cultures.

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About Carter Art Center

In March 2003, MCC-Penn Valley dedicated the Anna & Kemper Carter Center for Visual Arts and Imaging Technology. This beautiful structure provides classrooms, computer labs and fine arts studios with natural light. The gallery features exhibits that educate, challenge and inspire. Anna's Room is a wonderful place to relax. Outside, a stainless steel sculpture by Rita Blitt, "Black Box VII: Aspects of Nature II," is permanently installed. The Carter Art Center provides quality arts education to students in midtown Kansas City, preparing them to transfer to baccalaureate institutions. It provides employers

with workers who are well-prepared for jobs such as graphic designers and digital prepress technicians. It also provides a place for the community to gather to celebrate and enjoy the visual arts. Operational costs for the Carter Art Center are greater than those of a traditional community college art department. We are seeking support from the community we serve so the Center can provide the highest quality art programming for students and the community. To help accomplish this the Friends of the Carter Art Center will provide financial and community support so the college can continue to offer quality art exhibits, scholarships, and growth opportunities for arts education.

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