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AA Recommended Electives

A student may take any 100 level course or above to satisfy the elective requirements for the AA. Courses designated with * could be used to fulfill the general education requirements, or elective requirements, but the same course cannot be used to fulfill both. Recommended electives are lists of suggested courses designed to help students gain expertise in a specific area of study while pursuing the AA. These courses are not guaranteed to transfer. Students should consult with advisors at MCC and the receiving institutions.

International Studies recommended electives

Foreign Language 101          Any Foreign Language I

Foreign Language 102          Any Foreign Language II

HUMN 103                           Introduction to International Studies

GEOG 105                            World Geography

*Foreign Language: any 2 courses in the same language; courses can begin with 101 or higher. Choose as many courses from this list as needed to fulfill the elective requirement: ENGL 254, 255, 256, MUSI 160, PHIL 102, COMM 233, COMM 228, ANTH 110, HIST 145, HIST 221, BIOL 238, BIOL 239, POLS 234


Business recommended electives

BSAD 101     Accounting Principles I

BSAD 102     Accounting Principles II

BSAD 270     Legal Environment of Business

ECON 210    Macroeconomics

ECON 211    Microeconomics

MATH 115    Statistics



Art recommended electives

ART 100      Art Fundamentals

ART 110      Drawing I

ART 150      Art History I

ART 151      Art History II

Choose one COLOR course from the following:

ART 105      Digital Foundations

ART 123      Color Theory

ART 138      Digital Photography

ART 220      Painting I

ART 247      Digital Imaging

ART 250      Printmaking

ART 254      Screen Printing

Choose one 3-Dimensional course from the following:

ART 141      Jewelry

ART 142      Fibers

ART 170      Ceramics

ART 230      Sculpture

Suggested Capstone Course:

ART 263      Art Portfolio (one credit hour)


Social Work recommended electives

SOWK 100     Introduction to Social Work

SOWK 201    Social Work Field Experience

SOWK 203    Social Work Seminar

SOWK 220     Social Welfare: Past and Present

SOWK 275     Dynamics of Drug and Alcohol Abuse



Criminal Justice recommended electives

CRJU 101     Introduction to Criminal Justice

CRJU 105     American Corrections

CRJU 165     Criminology

CRJU 168     Juvenile Delinquency

CRJU 169     Family Violence & Sexual Abuse

CRJU 203     Criminal Investigation I

CRJU 223     Criminal Law I

Last Modified: 6/1/18