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Transfer Library Courses

Approved by the Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education in February 2014.

 ANTH 100 General Anthropology

This survey of anthropology emphasizes the four-field holistic approach to the study of humans. This course will focus on both biological and cultural perspectives related to the study of human origins and development, social organization, subsistence patterns, language, culture and adaptation to the environment. 3 credits

ART 108 Survey of Art

A brief history of the Visual Arts, including painting drawing, sculpture and architecture. Global cultures from prehistoric times through present day will be covered. 3 credits

ART 110 Drawing I

Development of fundamental drawing skills and techniques using various media. Observation and compositional aspects of drawing. 3 credits

BIOL 101 General Biology

Biological Principles and methods applied to selected groups of living organisms and their environment.  5 credits, 3 lecture, 4 lab.

COMM 100 Fundamentals of Speech

An introductory public speaking course including practical application of speaking and listening skills. Emphasis will be on organization and delivery of subject matter. 3 credits

ECON 210 Macroeconomics

A basic examination of the principles of economics that apply to the economic system in the aggregate. Topics include opportunity costs, gains from trade, demand and supply, determination of aggregate output, employment, inflation, and exchange rates, and the role of fiscal and monetary policy in the U.S. and world economy. 3 credits

ECON 211 Microeconomics

A basic examination of the microeconomic behavior of individual consumers, firms and markets in the domestic and world economy. Topics include opportunity costs, gains from trade, demand and supply, production, market structures, and externalities and public goods. 3 credits

FREN 101 Elementary French I

An introduction to French.  Develop basic communication skills (listening, reading, writing, and speaking).   Informal study of the culture of French-speaking countries.  5 credits.

FREN 102 Elementary French II

Grammar essentials. Develop communication skills (listening, reading, writing, and speaking).  Informal study of the culture of French-speaking countries. Prerequisites:  FREN 101.  5 credits

HIST 120 United States History to 1865

Survey of American history and institutions from pre-Columbian times through the Civil War. Examines economic, social, cultural, intellectual, and political development. Federal and Missouri constitutions. 3 credits

HIST 121 United States History since 1865

Survey of American history and institutions from the Civil War to the present. Examines economic, social, cultural, intellectual and political developments. Federal and Missouri constitutions. 3 credits

HIST 133 Foundations of Western Civilization

Survey of Western Civilization through the classical civilizations of Greece and Rome, the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. Brief comparative summaries of Near Eastern and Oriental civilizations. 3 credits

HIST 134 Modern Western Civilization

Survey of European history from the Renaissance to the present. Emphasis on Renaissance and Reformation, the emergence of the modern state, industrialism, nationalism, and the problems posed by war, revolution, and imperialism in the 20th century. Relationship of European civilization to the developments in the non-European world. 3 credits

MATH 115 Statistics

Descriptive statistics ungrouped and grouped data, elementary probability, discrete and continuous statistical inference, significance and distribution measures, regression and correlation analysis.
3 credits Prerequisites: MATH 110 or satisfactory score on math placement test.

MATH 120 College Algebra

A study of various types of equations and inequalities, functions and their inverses, theory of higher degree equations, systems of equations, determinants, logarithms and exponentials and applications. 3 credits Prerequisites: MATH 110

MATH 180 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I

A study of plane analytic geometry, limits, continuity, the derivative for functions of a single variable, differentials, indefinite and definite integrals, the fundamentals theorem of calculus, and applications of the derivative and integral.5 credits Prerequisites MATH 130 or MATH 150

MUSI 108 Music Appreciation

This course will introduce the student to the aesthetics of music through the study of musical eras including Middle Ages through 20th century and music genres through vocal and instrumental mediums.

PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy

This course will introduce students to the fundamental questions of human existence including the foundation of knowledge, the nature of ethical, religious, and social values and meaning, conceptions of being, and human freedom. Consideration will be given to the application of philosophical methods to contemporary society and problems.

PHYS 106 General Astronomy

A survey of astronomy with emphasis on the scientific method, observation, tools of observation, and the models, physical principles, and processes that help describe and predict astronomical phenomena. 5 credits

POLS 136 Introduction to American National Politics

Principles of political science. Examination of the development, organization, and function of the national government. Its relationship to the cultural, economic, and social institutions of the United States, Federal and Missouri constitutions. 3 credits

PSYC 140 General Psychology

Introduction to the scientific study of behavior and experience with emphasis on maturation and learning, motivation, emotion, sensation, perception, and thinking.  Aspects of personality and individual differences.  3 credits

SOCI 160 Sociology

Introduction to sociological principles, practices, and concepts with emphasis on groups, culture, personality, society, communication, cities, and social institutions. Family, religion, government, social change, social control, and social progress. 3 credits

SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish I

An introduction to Spanish.  Develop basic communication skills (listening, reading, writing, and speaking).  Study of the culture of Spanish-speaking countries. 5 credits

SPAN 102 Elementary Spanish II

Develop communication skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking).  Study of the culture of Spanish-speaking countries.  Prerequisite: SPAN 101.5 credits

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